08/22/2014 03:08 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2014

An Apology To Both of My Exes' Mothers

ASHSTUDIO via Getty Images

I'm the mother to a beautiful little boy, Adler, who turns 2 in October. I have never known a greater affection in my life, until he came into this world. I am absolutely in love with him.

Growing up, I had a pretty serious boyfriend in college before I met the man I was later to marry and divorce. Both of their mothers were crazy about their sons, but I never quite understood the dynamics of those relationships. Sure, parents love their children, but this kind of love was very different.

The two men in my life were extremely handsome with arresting good looks. The obvious favorite children of each of the mothers, they were adored, praised and put on pedestals, capable of doing no wrong. These moms worshipped their boys, as the sun rose and set in them. No woman would ever be good enough, no love ever sufficient or suitable.

My college boyfriend's mother was often in competition for her son's affection in my presence. In fact, I do remember her insisting that he take her to dinner before coming to pick me up for our date. I kid you not. I thought these women were crazy, but now, I would like to sincerely apologize. I recognize and accept their insane infatuation and devotion since having a son of my own. I relate to all of their emotions.

I mean, really, what woman is going to be good enough for my son? And if there is such a woman, is she going to love him as unconditionally as I do? I shudder at the thought, which is crazy, because I'm trying to put a nice gentleman into the world, not a neurotic momma's boy.

But I don't think my son has a chance. He's already a momma's boy. You see, Adler has two mothers. Actually, he has two Jewish mothers which equals about four mothers in real life so he's probably destined to be conflicted about the women he loves. The poor girl that falls for him has no idea what she's about to endure... times two!

Maya Angelou said, "If you know better, do better." So I'm going to try with all of my might not to smother my son nor get in the way of his relationships. I have about 15 or so years to practice, so I think I got this! It's his other mother I'm worried about.