07/02/2013 05:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Abraham Lincoln Can Save Today's Republican Party

National Review editor and author of the new book Lincoln Unbound , Rich Lowry, spoke with us about how the philosophies and policies of our 16th President can help save today's Republican Party.

To Lowry, everything starts with opportunity:

"Everything has to be through the prism of those Lincolnian values, those American values of opportunity and aspiration."

He continued,

"The Republican Party ran a kind of controlled experiment in how a national election would go if you were perceived as being the party of rich guys and the party that looks down on the half of the country that might not be doing as well as the other half...we now know how that works out. It does work out very well."

Do you agree with Lowry that following Lincoln's example can help restore the GOP? Comment below.