07/08/2013 12:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joan Walsh: "They Are Trying To Repeal The 20th Century"

As part of 92Y's partnership with, editor at large Joan Walsh spoke with us about her disappointment with the Supreme Court's recent decision on the Voting Rights Act, suggesting it was a political decision made by Chief Justice John Roberts the "politico" instead of John Roberts the "constitutional expert."

Although a setback, Walsh thinks civil rights advocates can overcome the Court's decision:

"People are talking about voting summer in 2014, that basically while we fight these restrictions, we've gotta be working, we've gotta be doing a grassroots mobilization to get to the states where these new laws are taking effect."

She continues,

"Let's help people get the voter ID they need, lets make sure that while we fight in the courts and the statehouses, we are also mobilizing and empowering voters to comply with these onerous restrictions."

Walsh also stressed the importance of making voting rights one of your top issues:

"They are showing us that they want to roll back not just the 1960′s, they want to roll back the 1930′s...they want to undo the New Deal. They want to undo the 20th Century, they are trying to repeal the 20th Century."

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