04/29/2015 06:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Choose Love Over Fear

In every given situation you have a choice to perceive it from a place of love or a place of fear. What this means is that you can be positive or negative and consequently this feeling will effect the journey you have through this particular situation.

I used to live my life out of fear. I used to work crazy hours out of fear to loose my job. I would hold on to harmful friendships out of fear to be alone. Then one day back in 2003 I went into work and handed in my notice. This would have spooked me before but my loving feeling set in "I deserve more and all will work out just fine"

Since that day I have looked at situations from the perspective of love. My dad passed away in 2004, just five months after I quit my job. I was heartbroken but I looked at the loving side; I was grateful for spending precious months with him. So in the end quitting my job was a blessing.

More recently, we moved from UK to USA and fear crept in. How will we cope being so many miles away from loved ones? I soon got writing in my diary, and filled it with all the positive and wonderful things we could potentially do while in USA.

If we didn't move, then I wouldn't have set up a successful business, wrote a book and be THAT mom who shows up to all my kids activities.

You will be faced with many obstacles in our life, some big and others small but its up to you on how you will approach them. Will you choose to respond from a place of fear or from a place of love?

Your first step into living a magical life is to understand where you are living from a place of fear. Understand your fear based thoughts. This acknowledgement is the starting point to help diffuse your thinking pattern. After acknowledging where you respond out of fear you then need to be willing to change. Just by being willing, will help open your heart to love.

For the next week approach each situation from the place of love and see how your life flows with joy and happiness.

Some examples:

Your boss has just increased your workload.
Fear "How will I cope? I will be working all night long"
Love "My boss must value my work and he trusts me with more projects"

I am getting old
Fear "I will never meet Mr right'
Love "In the right time, the right man will appear"

Your at the hospital
Fear "What if they tell me something really bad"
Love "What ever it is I will get through it"

Enjoy your loving life


Nishma is a health coach residing in Texas. She starting her nutrition career in London, UK and moved to Texas with her family last year. Nishma's line of expertise is children's health and mother's wellbeing.

As a health coach she is deeply passionate about helping clients make better choices to help them excel in their lives. She is dedicated to helping as many children out there as possible especially after her own personal story about keeping her son healthy and safe after a liver transplant. Her nutritional expertise and positive attitude will guide you along this amazing transformation.