07/23/2013 03:42 pm ET Updated Sep 22, 2013

What Is the Class of 2017 Reading?


Over the last few weeks, many 18-year-olds came home to a surprise. For those of us who like reading, it was a serendipitous one. For everyone else, it might have been unwelcome.

While many recent high school graduates, myself included, are spending their respective summers pursuing a variety of activities, many of them have one thing in common -- required reading. As I eagerly began the book sent to me by the school I will be attending next fall, I found myself asking some of my friends about the books that they will be reading over the course of these upcoming weeks. Below, you will find the list that I compiled as a result of these conversations (in tandem with some help -- well, a lot of help -- from Google):

Naturally, most of the authors listed above have some sort of connection with the schools that respectively assigned their books. For example, Eyal Press, who authored the book assigned by Brown, is an alumnus of the school. Many of these schools, such as Claremont McKenna, host lectures led by the authors of the books they have given to their incoming classes. Similar among all of them, however, is that they comprise these students' first college assignments.

Happy reading, Class of 2017!