12/17/2013 02:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 New Year's Financial Resolutions You Should Be Making

1. Stop associating money with crisis. Rather than thinking about all the fun things you can do with money -- like taking that vacation you've been dreaming of (which, studies have shown, will make you richer in the long run) -- you worry yourself sick over what you DON'T have and what COULD happen in the worst case scenario.

New Year's Financial Resolution #1: Focus on what you have, not what you lack.

2. Stop feeling scared when things are going "too well." This is the flip side of problem #1. You worry that when you succeed, you won't be able to sustain it. This false belief is actually caused by a fear of success.

New Year's Financial Resolution #2: Give yourself permission to succeed.

3. Stop feeling insecure about your savings account. If you don't have a savings account to fall back on at all, you're effectively telling yourself that you won't have any savings, which will tend to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. This also probably means you are not paying yourself, which means that you may be living on the edge financially.

New Year's Financial Resolution #3: Pay yourself first.

4. Stop being stingy with yourself and only generous with others. Many people, especially working moms, find it easy to spend money on other people -- like their children -- but feel guilty spending money on themselves. This leads to resentment, stress, burnout, and loss of motivation. Remind yourself that money is not the end itself, but a means to an end -- to live a healthy, happy life.

New Year's Financial Resolution #4: Enjoy what money can do for yourself AND your family.

5. Stop spending time with people who are not good with money. Are you hanging out with dreamers, whiners, or complainers? Motivational teacher Jim Rohn is often quoted as saying, "Your income is the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Are the people you associate with lifting you up or dragging you down? Bottom line: If you're the smartest person in the room, you need to find a new room.

New Year's Financial Resolution #5: Start attracting the people who can help you get where you want to go.

I believe in you!

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