10/22/2012 03:59 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

To Elect a Cheat or Not to Elect a Cheat

That is the question. Or asked another way: Have we ever elected someone who is totally faithful for the highest office in the land?

History, apparently, sides with the infidel: Jefferson, Harding, Roosevelt (the good one), Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton and now Romney. Okay, Mitt Romney might not have been sexually unfaithful but the jury is out on his financial fidelity.

We should wonder how we can trust Romney with our trillions of dollars if he cheats with his measly millions. In fact, I might not even hire him to work for me. I don't know that I can trust him with all the money we make at

Which leads me to why we conducted a survey of our three million American female members and asked them:

  • Which presidential candidate would you be more likely to have an affair with?
  • Whom are you more likely to vote for in the upcoming election?
While swing state results may make you wonder what the swing is going on in Ohio (see results below), the most revealing conclusion was that there is a direct correlation between a woman's physical desire for the candidate and her voting allegiance. It is not the economy, nor health care, it sure ain't foreign policy, public schools, or even women's rights... for married American women it is all about desire. That's right, based on our survey results it appears American female affair seekers are going to vote for the man that "turns them on" the most. Will we be one day saying: "President Clooney"?

I can't help but wonder what other decisions of significance we make based, not on the values that would ultimately benefit us in the long term, but instead originate from some blindingly biological place.

POLL RESULTS (Based on 23,000 completed surveys)
Conducted on Wednesday, October 17, 2012


VOTING FOR: Obama - 53.1%, Romney - 38.1%, Undecided - 8.8%
HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH: Obama - 57.2%, Romney - 42.8%

VOTING FOR: Obama - 50.2%, Romney - 40.4%, Undecided - 8.4%
HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH: Obama - 55.3%, Romney - 44.7%

VOTING FOR: Obama - 42.1%, Romney - 49.3%, Undecided - 8.6%
HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH: Obama - 46.8%, Romney - 52.2%


VOTING FOR: Obama - 62.9%, Romney - 29.3%, Undecided - 7.8%
HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH: Obama - 73.2%, Romney - 26.8%

VOTING FOR: Obama - 50.0%, Romney - 40.6%, Undecided - 9.4%
HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH: Obama - 52.2%, Romney - 47.8%

Being a straight man, I wouldn't have an affair with either one of them but I would have been more likely to have voted for Romney if he had had an affair instead of being financially unfaithful.