08/09/2012 08:18 am ET Updated Oct 09, 2012

CEO To Lead "Team USA" Must Know How To Compete For Gold, Jobs!

Eyes around the globe watch Team USA compete and earn gold. These determined American Olympians compete aggressively in London. USA and China are competing neck in neck in the medal count and the job race. Four years earlier China astounded the world by the spectacular opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Americans deliberated this choreographic feat when media proclaimed it an "unprecedented success." How could unknown Chinese directors Zhang Yimou and Zhang Jijang pull it off after famous American director Steven Spielberg pulled out? China is focused and committed to compete, not only with athletes but in business. For America to win the global gold in commerce, leadership and workers must unite to propel our economy and become Team USA emulating the commitment of our well-trained and focused Olympic Athletes. Let's stop whining. We are American pioneers, we know how to compete and earn gold. Pick the right CEO in November's election, achieve America first prize: Jobs! Team USA wins!

"Made in China" everywhere conjures anxiety while hard to find "Made in USA" causes frustration. Who is responsible? American politicians conveniently bash China. Do Chinese workers deserve it? They simply compete for gold, jobs. American stores like Wal-Mart are blamed, fair-play? We shop there. Why? It's affordable. Competing for gold, shop owners and shoppers share the same game and blame. It's called desire and survival. Why attack American designer Ralph Lauren? Although Olympic Team USA uniforms were "Made in China," not for lack of patriotism but an affordable quality choice. So who is ultimately accountable for loss of jobs across America?

As an entrepreneur for 35 years enthusiastically selling only "Made in USA" to millions of visitors from China and 70 other nations, I submit "the buck stops here" literally! All Americans are responsible for the future of Team USA. Our shared team mission: Jobs! Whoever gets the job of President of the world's largest economy in November better stop China bashing and be ready to kick-start Team USA to compete and attain our 2013 goal of "America first" or find another job!

Fellow Americans, let us look inward. Are we complacent, lazy or divided? Have we given up competing? If we want to win manufacturing, engineering and call-center jobs outsourced overseas, wake up and smell homegrown coffee. Buy it, fresh from Kona. Grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, yet our nation's fiftieth state gives agricultural jobs away to other tropical places like Costa Rica, Panama and even embargoed Cuba. Hawaii closed sugar and produce plantations, gave up competing. Hawaii companies blame workers, unions and boardroom demands as well as the shoppers. But who pays the price? Team USA does, that's all Americans. We can choose to compete and create or complain and cry. By supporting American goods and services, we create jobs. As an example, travel within America for family getaways. Recently looking for local items to buy in Waimea we discovered "Aloha Grown" merchandise at the Parker Ranch Store. This Hawaiian small business is an American success story promoting local produce and clothing for renewing commitment to "Made in USA." Their slogan "support, sustain and share" for local grown or made products is creative, a hallmark of American entrepreneurial competitiveness. Team USA with aloha pioneer spirit!

To compete globally for jobs and gold, Team USA must unite as one public/private endeavor. Undertake aggressive "JOBS" (Job Opportunities, Business Success) game plan. Start with these first 5 action plays for JOBS, allow Americans to compete and accept jobs going overseas:

1.) Team USA unions, step aside; get out of the way of progress and allow financial independence. Let American workers, businesses and government compete and earn gold.

2.) Team USA local businesses, governments and community colleges cooperate and invest heavily in vocational training. Review with a cross section of companies jobs hard to fill; implement "hands on" training required in the marketplace for high school graduates, drop outs and unemployed to obtain the skills to get work, do the job, compete and earn gold. Remember plenty of American companies are looking for the right skilled worker to compete and earn gold.

3.) Team USA college grads and universities, work together to secure jobs or the academic institution should be required to pay down some of the unemployed student's loan. To play fair graduates, accept entry level jobs for work experience, don't hold out draining family resources, diving deeper into debt because of grandiose starting salary desires. Work, compete and earn gold.

4.) Team USA government officials, remove bureaucratic regulations; reduce taxes for American-owned businesses and U.S. citizen business owners. Otherwise don't whine when they move overseas; the employer and the jobs leave and revenues decline. Provide tax credits to U.S. owned companies that create jobs in America. Help American-owned companies to compete and earn gold.

5.) Team USA unemployed Americans, demonstrate your work ethic with realistic expectations, accept available jobs and competitive compensation to compete and earn gold.

Obama vs. Romney: Irrespective of party affiliation, the right CEO in public or private sector is the Team Leader who inspires all team members to work hard to accomplish the shared vision and goal. Motivate the team to train well, take risks and expand opportunities or the Chief Executive of Team USA must move on. This pioneer philosophy is how the west won, the American way. Compete and earn gold! 2013 Goal: America first, Team USA wins JOBS!