06/01/2012 10:30 am ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

Vets and Grads Help Wanted: Your Country Needs You

"Want action and purpose? By land, air and sea. Have you got what it takes to fill an important job like this?" If patriotic recruiting slogans from our armed services attract your attention, there could be a rewarding job for you in hospitality services for America. Become a goodwill ambassador for America and help accomplish the mission to make America first in visitors to our shores.

Do you speak more than English? For example, are you also fluent in Mandarin, Korean, Russian, French or Spanish? Interested in seeing more of America or the world? Are you loyal with a strong work ethic? Do you have positive Attitude, Teamwork and Initiative qualities? If affirmative, enlist or re-enlist in the United States military or e-mail your resume to

These "on the same team" career opportunities offer a red, white and blue uniform and duties on the frontlines helping America win and lead. Folks across America have deep respect and appreciation for the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces so we can enjoy freedom and liberty at home. During these uncertain economic times, some CEO advice to veterans and graduates: "Keep calm and carry on." Find the best way to serve your country, America first!

There are "wonderful opportunities for you to take the wheel and steer a course for future success while serving your country." You can help advance America's prosperity and image abroad by working in Visit USA tourism. Welcome visitors with smiles. Demonstrate caring hearts through American hospitality.

The United States of America is about to launch a first-ever multimillion dollar marketing campaign to encourage people from around the world to discover America. Overseas air waves will soon be filled with the country-western voice of Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne inviting visitors to "The Land of Dreams." This catchy music video hopes to awaken dreams and spark desire to see iconic treasures like Monument Valley in Utah, hear jazz in the French Quarter of New Orleans, taste hot dogs at Times Square in New York and smell fresh orchid leis in Hawaii. Attracting millions of visitors to our shores is our mission.

And when they arrive, we hope the dreams of millions of unemployed citizens across our great land will come true- that they will find jobs in the growing hospitality industry. What's also vital? Visit USA tourism is the best way to guarantee our nation's proud moniker "Made in the U.S.A." Hiking in Yosemite National Park, an eclipse sighting in the Grand Canyon, a ride in an American paddle-wheeler along the Mississippi River or a day experiencing America's freedom of press at the unique Newseum in Washington D.C. is only "made" possible by "being" in the U.S.A. and not just by "dreaming."

When Neil Diamond passionately sings "Coming to America" he's right on cue. Visitors from around the world are spending time and money. Buying books online contributes to the demise of bookstores, conversely to experience America shoppers must come in person contributing to more jobs. International visitors desire the lifestyle of Main Street U.S.A., beyond Disneyland, discovered in the heartland of America. After arriving at gateway airports, they travel by land via motorcoach or car visiting urban cities and rural towns. From sea to shining sea, our ports of entry and back-road communities need jobs. More jobs come with more travelers. Not to stay but to visit. "The American Dream" is shared by visitors and citizens. Vets and grads, you can play an important part in this mission. In operations, sales, negotiating, accounting, technology and product development, tour guiding. Depends on your talent, courage and commitment to serve a cause greater than oneself, America first!

Did you know, Germans have 6-week vacations when they travel? Australians bring their families and come in our winter when most hotels and restaurants are desperate for business. Did you know travelers from China, Mongolia and Japan spend more shopping than any other visitor, $5,000 each? And Iowa is the favorite state for many visitors from China. These AmericanTours International facts are from 35 years of experience promoting all 50 U.S. states and territories in 70 countries. Bringing millions of visitors to America who create millions of new jobs across America is our shared mission. Our nation's economy will grow in a sustainable way if America is first in visitors and in hospitality.

We support the hard work and sacrifices of our military by being goodwill ambassadors to each visitor that chooses to come to America. It starts with welcoming smiles in our consular offices overseas where visitors must apply for visas, unless they live in a visa-waiver country. Smiles and warm welcomes by our men and women in uniform working on the frontlines of U.S. Customs and Immigration helps America win the hearts and vacations of visitors. Guess what the overwhelming response is from visitors when asked what they liked most about America? "The people!"

Many countries compete for visitors because they vote with their wallets. Call to action and purpose: "Let's go get 'em, don't miss your great opportunity." A service focused economy with every American working helps Americans to travel more domestically and abroad. Creating more jobs globally through tourism leads to a more peaceful world. In the words of Rosie the Riveter, "We Can Do It." Vets and grads do it. In the words of Uncle Sam, "For your country's sake today, for your sake tomorrow!"