01/30/2012 05:52 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2012

Ten Ways to Buzz It Up on Facebook

How do you buzz it up on Facebook for your business? I've listed ten simple ways on how to increase the buzz through fan engagement and broaden brand reach with your Facebook fan page. It all comes down to remembering that the goal is to increase brand awareness, affinity, and sales through fan interaction.

10. Don't Post And Run!

Your wall on your Facebook fan page shouldn't be treated like a classified listing of your advertisements. Treat it as a way to interact with your fans of your business in getting the conversation going by being involved in the comments, and regularly monitoring the comments on your fan page.

9. Post Relevant Content

For businesses like your own, post content that's relevant to your fans to keep fan engagement up. For instance, you can post a link to a magazine article about what's popular in season, and then post a picture in addition to that post of the seasonal item you have in stock at your retail store or restaurant.

8. Ask Questions

Don't be afraid to ask your fans questions about what they like about your business such as the products you sell! The feedback they provide is invaluable to your business. You can adapt your business quickly based on their feedback. Ask questions such as, "What's your favorite item that we sell?" and learn from the answers your fans provide.

7. Run Contests and Promotions

To create greater interaction with your fan page, regularly run contests and promotions. You can hold a quiz campaign for the day through timed wall posts, and whoever provides the right answer, will get the prize listed in a later wall post announcing the winner. That is one example of doing a contest on your fan page. Another example is running a promotion such as a discount special on a custom tab for your fan page. This encourages greater interaction with the fans in the comments through likes and shares of the wall post. It gives your fan page a greater affinity with your fans, thus ensuring it is much more likely to show up in their News Feeds.

6. Be Responsive

Always be responsive to whatever you see on your fan page. If you see complaints from your fans about your business, show immediate responsiveness by asking in the comments for the fan to contact you at a specific email address so you can resolve the problem. Otherwise, if you ignore the complaints, it makes it look like your business doesn't care about addressing the needs of your customers. And who wants to like a fan page that ignores what you're telling them?

5. Be Timely

Show consistency in when you post to your page's Wall. Inconsistent posting can hinder the effectiveness of your fan page. If you post at times when most of your fans aren't going to be online, the less likely your page will show up in their News Feed, and the affinity with your page is lessened as a result. You don't want to lose valuable content by posting at the wrong times, or sporadically. Check your Facebook Insights to see which posts got the most reach at specific times, and then modify your posting schedule accordingly.

4. Post Different Content

Don't be just content with posting links to articles or the odd photo here and there. Post videos, photos of your team, your products, and post commentary on all of these items in the wall post! For instance, you can say, "We had a total blast at the fundraiser tonight! Check out team member [insert name] with the band!" in the wall post when you upload a photo. The reason for posting different content that is relevant to your business and fans is because you want to keep your fan page interesting and lively. You don't want your fans to get bored from the same repetitive links and predictable posts.

3. Use Custom Tabs 

Custom tabs are applications that you can add to your Facebook fan page. You can get custom tabs designed specifically for your fan page that best highlights your products, contact information, and encourages e-mail sign-ups for your e-mail list. They are an excellent way to set your fan page for your business apart from others, and in increasing sales of your products. These custom tabs have been shown to increase fan engagement on your fan page in terms of repeat visits back to your page to see the content on these custom tabs.

2. Use Facebook Insights

Regularly check your Facebook Insights to understand how your fan page resonates with your fans. Look at the reach of your posts to understand how effective your wall post was, and how many people are talking about the wall post. You'll find that if you post certain content, they will get a viral reach. You also can see how many people clicked on your wall post. When you regularly check your Insights on Facebook, you're being responsive to the needs of your fan page, and you can figure out how to better market your business to your fans.

1. Spread The Word

Tell your customers that arrive at your retail store about your fan page, and the fun promotions and contests you're running there. Put up a sticker on your store door that tell customers to find you on Facebook. This will help increase your fan numbers. If you have a website, integrate Facebook onto your site through the use of a Facebook badge or social networking buttons. You can also run online advertisements on Facebook to promote your page to a targeted demographic in order to expand your business reach.

In following these ten steps, you'll see how your fan page performs, the benefits it gives you, and how you can adjust your Facebook marketing accordingly.