10/05/2010 04:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rick Perry Needs to Stop Being a Coward

In August, we ran our now infamous "Coward" print ad in over twenty newspapers across the state of Texas, and it got the attention of millions of Texans. This time around, we're expanding our ad buy of our new "Face Us" print ad to 41 newspapers across Texas! We're calling Governor Perry out for his cowardly refusal to both face voters in an open debate and to acknowledge that Texas is facing the worst budget crisis in recent history.

As recently as Sunday, Perry was missing in action during a public gubernatorial debate. It's clear to many Texans that Governor Perry is scared to answer questions about his dismal and costly 10-year career as governor. This is pure cowardice on Perry's part.

Get the facts at!

No wonder why Perry's hiding from voters and editorial boards given the recent reports that he"s accepted millions in campaign funds from political appointees to state agencies and that he's given sixteen million dollars of our taxpayer funds to these campaign donors. Texans are demanding that Governor Perry be held accountable on his "pay-to-play" scheme in selling out our state government to enrich his campaign, and the bank accounts of his campaign donors.

Rick Perry again proved what a coward he is by stiffing Texans and skipping out of Sunday's gubernatorial debate. With a looming $21 billion budget deficit and the recent scandals showing Perry's willingness to sell out our state government to campaign donors, it's no wonder he's afraid to face the people of Texas in an open debate.

Texans are tired of long-time career politicians like Rick Perry, who hides from voters in his $10,000 per month, taxpayer-funded rental mansion, and refuses to be held accountable for his record. We encourage voters to get the facts for themselves at

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written by Noelle Bell aka slinkerwink, Director of New Media

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