02/24/2006 10:19 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Losing Our Minds

Tell the truth, did you have a clue that virtually every port in America had been outsourced?

Did you have the remotest idea - when you first heard that the government of Dubai had been given a contract to run all these American ports - that the contract did not involve security?

Exactly how much time had you spent thinking about Dubai up until this point and do you have a clue where it is exactly?

Isn't George Bush right when he says that it makes sense to deal with Arab governments that are on our side? I mean, I'm well aware that even George Bush is about to back off his own position, but let's be honest: the government of Dubai is probably just as qualified to run an American port as the government of China, which we're also in business with.

And when George Bush says that we want to work with Arab countries that support us, doesn't that make sense?

Has this whole port issue become the Democrats' equivalent of what the Republicans did with the Terry Schiavo case? Aren't they purposely and disingenuously using a false issue for their political advantage?

Aren't they piling on in order to seem more post-911 than the Bushies themselves?

Don't they truly know -- in the Green Room afterwards -- that they don't really believe a word of what they're saying?

Of course, the rest of us get to watch the show. And it's been a giddy couple of weeks.

But is it possible that we have become so hooked on watching the White House melt down that we've lost our minds?