09/05/2006 04:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Bush in a China Shop

Having worked for 50 years in the entertainment industry, the notion of stealing ideas comes naturally to me. Sadly, when I write, I hardly ever plagiarize, but the temptation is always out there, particularly as it pertains to politics.

One of my friends suggested this analogy in response to the question "what will the Democrats do should they be faced with making a plan to deal with Iraq?" His reply: "The President has barged into a china shop and broken all of the china, and would ask us for our plan as to how to put all of the china back together again. The Democrats are in a bind in that the Republicans have "broken it" and they are not taking responsibility for fixing it."

I continue to be appalled by the politics of the Iraqi war, and its purported connection to terrorism. There is Iraq, and there is terrorism, and they are for the most part not connected.

I believe that it is a mischaracterization to say Republicans and Democrats will or will not protect us as though one party is "more patriotic or more American then the other." We do not ask our soldiers if they are Democrats or Republicans before they are put in harms way.

The Bush administration certainly engaged us in this horrid war and "broke all of the china." They "wore Republican uniforms," and they were "bad Americans" because they did bad things. People who took us to war in Iraq and lied to America as to the reasons, then waged the war badly, should not be given another chance to do other bad things in the world, nor should they be allowed to "try and fix the broken china."

Does anyone think that the Democrats are "weak on terrorism" or that Republicans are somehow "more American then their opponents?"

The incumbent criminals would have America believe that "the President will keep Americans safe, and that they will be in jeopardy with the Democrats in control."

How sad!

I believe that it is the American Police, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Firefighters and such that will keep America safe, not the President. Terrorists are criminals, and I don't think that the FBI agents or CIA operatives are Democrats or Republicans, and they will function badly if congress or the White House is held by Democrats. We are all Americans, but some function on a higher level then others.

One can infer from the television blitz that Bush and his people will try and convince Americans that without them, terrorists will be running amok in our streets blowing things up and threatening our civilization.

We are doing things badly, not as Republicans but as people wearing their "uniform". I would like someone to tell me what there is about an administration starting a war and lying about why we went to war in the first place, and then running the war incompetently while shouting "stay the course." What has this to do with being a Republican?

This situation has not to do with the usual demarcations of left and right like socialized medicine or prayer in schools. It is rather that some people wearing Republican uniforms have screwed things up and the Democrats might just run things better.