09/10/2008 09:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Maverick My Ass

What is a maverick?

The dictionary reveals:

"A maverick is a lone dissenter as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates."

While watching the most important thing on television last week, the USA Network coverage of the Tennis Open, I would slide over during the commercials and watch a few moments of the Republican Convention. I joke that "I am a liberal left wing tool of international communism." I am in fact a "conservative" Democrat if there such a thing. Either way, the proceedings made me nuts, even if I only watched it two minutes at a time.

Those glorious minions of the Mass Media would refer often to Senator John McCain as a "maverick" and that presented me with the opportunity to think of him leading the party of conservatism and glorying in his "maverickism." He may "rebel" from time to time, but that is not enough to qualify for the definition. He has a record of supporting Bush including the Iraq war and comprehensive immigration reform. McCain voted with Bush 90 percent of the time, and notwithstanding the meaninglessness of my opinion, that hardly suggests the role as a maverick.

In order to explain Senator McCain's behavior and inconsistencies, his Republican supporters also refer to him as a "maverick." It is as though referring to him as a "maverick" somehow makes everything he says or does acceptable.

He fumbles. He mumbles. He stumbles.

WOW! What a guy.

Would it not be a big time inconsistency to call Senator McCain a maverick while he is running as the presidential candidate of the GIGANTIC Republican Party?

Comparing Senator McCain with the definition:

Is he "a lone dissenter?" I don't think so.
Is he "an intellectual?" I don't think so.
Is he a Politician? Is he ever!
Is he someone who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates? Some of the time he is, but in my opinion not often enough to qualify.

I expect that if he votes in support of President Bush most of the time and has never directly spoken out against him or his policies the answer is no!

McCain appears to have gone against the party line often enough to be able to say that he is a maverick. Even if this is not exactly true, he has been a part of the "Republican" system for over 20 years. How will it be possible for him to vilify the "Team" that he has been a leading member of?

In 2001, McCain was one of two Republicans to vote against Bush's tax-relief program. Yet today, McCain supports our making the tax cuts permanent because letting them expire is the same as a tax increase. I never did understand this.

He wants to continue the war with its humungous costs even though our "credit card bill" will soon exceed 10 trillion dollars.

He continues to call for victory in Iraq. McCain has repeatedly said he'd rather lose a political campaign than a war and still might, as public skepticism about U.S. involvement in Iraq remains high. This is "The Presidents War", and he supports it.

McCain has accomplished some good things like campaign-finance reform and has taken reasonable positions on global warming, torture, and Pentagon procurement practices. Not necessarily "maverick stuff."

Senator McCain does at times assume both sides of the same issue and that would perhaps make him disingenuous, but certainly not a maverick.

Wanna be a real maverick Senator? Here are a few words that you can say to President Bush and the nation..

The Bush/Cheney war in Iraq is and has been a disaster in many ways, and I will end it.

Bush/Cheney support torture and I will issue an Executive order banning ALL forms of torture.

Buch/Cheney have repeatedly violated the Constitution and I will restore all of it and end the existing violations, and apologize to America for what they have done.

Bush/Cheney reduced taxes for the very wealthy, I will discontinue these reductions.

Senator McCain's campaign is a ground breaking and innovative one of: a noun, a verb, and "I was a prisoner of war and I am a maverick!"

Governor Palin's campaign is "I stopped the bridge, and I pray a lot!"

How can the two of them speaking together not talk abut these major problems facing our country, and instead spend all their time campaigning critically of Barack Obama in very petty ways.

A lipstick anyone?

And what is the Broadcast Mass Media's reaction to all of this?


Good grief!

Get me a different maverick, a different VP choice, or a drink. A double scotch, Dewar's, a little water and no ice...please.

Norman Horowitz
Have a closer look at the "maverick."