04/24/2006 07:12 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

No Lies Without Consequences!

In 1975, I predicted that there would never be a viable video rental business in the United States

In 1985, when Fox formed a fourth broadcast network; I predicted that it would never be a viable entity.

My career has been marked by mistakes such as these whoppers, among many others. I considered that one of my assets, as an executive was my willingness to take risks and expect the credit when things went well, and the blame when things went badly.

As a sports announcer would say "no harm, no foul." No one died as a result of my mistakes, and I am even proud to acknowledge that I made them, and I hope that I learned from them.

I would like to scream when I hear Republican apologists continue to repeat lies such as:

Iraq was involved in 9/11

Iraq had chemical weapons

Iraq had biological weapons

Iraq was developing atomic weapons

Equally disturbing to me is when these same apologists speak about our great economy while failing to mention, among other things, that our national debt has gone up almost $4,000,000,000,000 (that is 4 trillion dollars) since Bush took office

The same apologists state:

that unauthorized NSA spying ON AMERICANS in AMERICA is ok because we are "fighting terror"

that "we are better off fighting terrorists there rather then here"

that they blame the retired Generals FOR SPEAKING OUT and being critical of Rumsfeld

that the Generals should have spoken out to Rumsfeld directly while they were still in uniform and not after the fact

they question the patriotism of these Generals who have spoken out

Wouldn't it be great if the President could do a complete review of his actions since his election and take complete responsibility for whatever he has done that has gone wrong, and learn from his mistakes? But we know that won't happen.

To make matters worse, this same President of the United States, assisted by Cheney and Rumsfeld, has his finger on the "nuclear button." He has mislead the nation on so many things and, as "the decider," I expect that he will be willing to Nuke Iran under the powers previously given to him by congress or the constitution, (or so he will say).

I leave you with a final question, why isn't there there TREMENDOUS OUTRAGE and QUESTIONING OF HIS AUTHORITY to do what he has been doing?


Get ready for Iran!

Or get ready for some other pre-election October "rally round the flag event".

Norman Horowitz