09/09/2006 01:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Walt Disney Himself Would Have Been Proud of "The Path to 9/11"

As a nation, we have exactly the form of media, including its consolidation as we have chosen, or better still "elected". We should not be proud.
Never mind the internet, mobile devices, DVD's, VOD and all of that other high tech digital delivery, the greatest media power by far rests with News Corp, General Electric, CBS, and of course The Walt Disney Company.
The way things are in media are bad enough, but as they say, "you aint seen nothing yet." The big guys want more, and the Executive Branch (our FCC) and congress will go where the money is, and you should please excuse the expression, "screw the principles."
A message arrived this morning forwarded by a friend that was sent to her by Timothy Karr, Campaign Director, Free Press.
Free Press is not happy with the upcoming presentation of "The Path to 9/11" by ABC. They want to attack the consolidated media using this program and its distortions as a reason for doing that.
To begin, I would suggest that Timothy look again at the title of his organization "Free Press". I am naïve enough to believe that free press means just that.
While I expect that there will be parts of the content of the program that I will not approve, we still have a free press in this country, and as much as it hurts me, I support the Walt Disney Company, and its right to broadcast content that it chooses to broadcast.
Would Timothy have been happy if ABC submitted the finished picture to him for approval prior to broadcast? Near his closing he hypothesizes "Disney Plays Politics:" well they probably do, but I am sorry: to me that is not the point. All content has "editorial supervision", and this is just another piece of content. (I know that this line will make many who read it nuts, but it is the way it is).

Is the consolidated media an affront to our democracy?


Should the people speak out against it?


We need to elect people if we possibly can who will "take on" the awesome power and money of this consolidated media.

I too will grouse about "The Path To 9/11" and the politics surrounding its production, but please do not mix the freedom of expression issue with the issue of media consolidation in that if ABC would "fix" the program, we are still stuck with the tyranny of the media consolidation. One thing has little or nothing to do with the other.

In case one might ask why is Disney/ABC doing this program I will resort to one of the expressions that I wish I had written; "What is the use of having power if you don't abuse it."