07/13/2012 08:39 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

Can It Be We've Overlooked This?

I read from many sources that Mitt Romney, who wishes to become our next president, is all for what they call judicial extremism. We're all aware that the current Supreme Court, under the leadership of Chief Justice John Roberts, could be the most extremely conservative court ever. So clearly, in Chief Justice Roberts, the candidate had everything he could have wished for. Yet some days after Justice Roberts cast one vote he disapproved of -- the vote that saved the Affordable Care Act -- Mr. Romney declared that Justice Roberts is no longer conservative enough.

"No longer conservative enough" says Mitt about the man who led the court to strike down hard-won clean election laws; made it more difficult for women to sue for equal pay; squashed a number of class action suits, and consistently favored large corporations over the individual citizen.

Now, the polls show that the issue on which President Obama has the clearest lead --11 points -- is the makeup of the Supreme Court. That seems so clear it makes me wonder how smart is Mitt Romney coming out against the Chief Justice?

Then again, it could be said that taking this seemingly unpopular position is a measure of how committed Mitt is to his philosophic convictions. WHAT?? If there is anything we've learned about this man over the endless months of his candidacy it is that he changes his convictions as often as his shirt. Okay, so we've let him get away with that to this date. But, when he is already polling so low on the issue, to change his mind about the man who was for so long his idea of what a Chief Justice should be -- I mean, how un-savvy, how dumb is that?

Every day we seem to see growing evidence that the man isn't at all savvy. Could it be the man is dumb? That would be so sad in a president.