01/10/2013 11:45 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Forget the Resolutions: Get With God

We are now in the second week of the new year, and if you are like most people, the resolution(s) to lose weight, diet, exercise, make more money, save money, etc., are fading.

I encourage you to just be sensible and moderate this year, and perhaps not go on a crash New Year's Diet or new program. Think about doing one thing differently, easily, simply -- just one little thing that is easily accomplished that you can feel successful doing repeatedly. I have a list of 30 "little things" to try, below. You might find one that is right for you.

First and foremost take good care of yourself this year because you will need all the health, energy and stamina, all the clarity of mind, simplicity and power of Spirit possible. For me, taking good care of myself starts from the inside out -- from the soulful core of my being. It is mightily important to keep and practice my faith 100 percent, and let God guide me in everything I do.

If you trust completely in God and do your best to follow His directions and be active, you will be healthy and fine. Having a life in trust to God and enjoying the graces of energy, clarity, simplicity and power is what I call a Satisfied Life. That's why I write this weekly blog feature by that name.

My New Year's gift to you is the following list of 30 ideas and suggestions for very simple changes that can give you a Satisfied Life. I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to try one of my suggestions. You can lose weight, gain confidence, de-stress and easily enjoy a happier, healthier life. It's simple and based on the truth that little changes add up.

Now, today and every day, first thank God most gratefully for all that you have and are.

1. Ask God for help; fully accepting and appreciating the grace you are given.
2. Practice silence before eating.
3. Move your body for at least 10 minutes every day.
4. Enjoy one healthy snack per day.
5. Call your physician or health care provider to schedule an annual checkup.
6. Make a journal of foods eaten, and activities you've done. Look for patterns.
7. Read a spiritual or religious passage daily.
8. Confide your problems and worries to a clergy member, counselor or trusted friend.
9. Thank God for everything with each thing you do, and for everything you eat.
10. Enroll in a yoga or dance class.
11. Eat something every two hours.
12. Take time to identify your true needs.
13. Help a person in need.
14. If you are hungry after 8 p.m., have some unsweetened applesauce.
15. Get financial counseling and make a budget.
16. Instead of carbohydrates, have some fresh fruit.
17. Try Stevia extract instead of sugar.
18. Take 10 minutes for meditation.
19. Drink a cup of hot herbal tea after dinner, to help you not eat before bed.
20. If you have cereal for breakfast, have only one cup.
21. Purchase or borrow a really fun dance or yoga video, and do it.
22. Go on a "date" with your spouse, partner or new online friend.
23. Snack on hummus with carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers or green beans.
24. Contact a long lost friend.
25. Go to a movie and get your mind off problems for a few hours.
26. When dining out at a restaurant, immediately cut the portion in half and ask the server to put it in a take-out container for your lunch tomorrow.
27. Cut portion sizes in half at home.
28. Eat very slowly, chewing each bite 15 times.
29. Make a list of your accomplishments and post them on the refrigerator.
30. Keep God at the center of your life through constant prayer and daily worship.

I wish you a Spirit-filled new year. We would love to read your ideas and comments on what you are doing, and what works and doesn't work -- post a comment below.

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