01/28/2013 10:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nozi's Story Part 4: Baby Mbali

Over the holidays, mothers2mothers (m2m) -- an NGO that works to eliminate pediatric AIDS and keep HIV-positive mothers alive in sub-Saharan Africa -- shared the inspirational story of someone very special to them, Nozi Samela. Nozi first came to m2m when she was six months pregnant, alone and terrified at just being diagnosed HIV-positive. She went onto become one of m2m's Mentor Mothers, providing lifesaving information and support to HIV-positive pregnant women and new mothers on how to prevent transmitting the virus to their babies and keep themselves healthy. She was later promoted to Site Coordinator of Site B, one of the busiest m2m programs in all of sub-Saharan Africa, and then to Communications Associate in m2m's Cape Town headquarters where she works now.

In her first three video diaries, Nozi transports viewers to her home in the township of Khayelitsha, outside Cape Town, and shares her story about how she found out she was HIV positive while pregnant and the critical support she received from m2m that helped her protect her baby from contracting the virus. She then talks about the unimaginable heartbreak she faced when her young son died in a car accident, and how she regained hope for the future with the birth of a beautiful baby girl a couple months ago.

Since those videos aired, mothers2mothers has received many questions about the HIV status of Nozi's baby. In her latest video diary, Nozi talks about an anxious trip she recently made to the clinic to get the results of her baby daughter's HIV test.