04/10/2012 06:00 pm ET Updated Jun 10, 2012

Thoughts for College Dropouts: Love

This quiet corner of the vivid and boisterous blogosphere is devoted to the passion and power of words. The ideas here, molded into one or two lines, are designed to delight, intrigue, annoy, question and soothe. This blog will appear monthly, always with eight phrases. Some may be witty, and some may be wise, some may create smiles and some may produce frowns. And although I dare to believe that these are original observations, I am well aware that nothing is truly unique and that what we think, speak and write about today has been thought, spoken and written about throughout the eons of human history, passed down through the generations and across the cultures only to be spun anew in the great golden wheel of human wisdom, humor and understanding.

I have plucked from this wheel as it brushed past my hand. And for those of you possessing tomes entitled, The Wit and Wisdom of So-and-So or Familiar Quotations, be gentle on me. Because these phrases, for better or worse, unique or ancient, were written with my head touching the stars, and my feet sunk in the mud.

I am looking forward to your comments, observations, additions, opposition, criticisms and witticisms. Enjoy. And let's see what happens.

-- ob

1. Love

Patience is the power of love.

It is the heart that finds love, the brain that loses it: The heart knows no fear; the brain is full of it.

If you invest just 1 percent of your time and energy in a person who is open to it, that 1 percent will change the person's life.

In love, follow your heart, not your fears.

Love knows no deadlines.

The more intense the fight, the greater the love.

Realists make the best romantics.

Love is not the greatest human emotion.

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