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DNC Texas Superdelegates

HuffPost's OffTheBus members produced these superdelegate profiles as part of its Superdelegate Investigation. You can find all profiles here.


Roy Laverne Brooks
Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party

Basic Bio
* Brooks grew up in Como, a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Fort Worth. In her youth, she began block-walking and passing out candidate campaign literature.
* Brooks is a graduate of Prairie View University in Waller County outside of Houston, Texas. She earned a master's degree in Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
* Brooks is a member of Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

Political interests and issues
* Brooks is a member of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. She also serves as hospital chaplain and social worker.
* Brooks was once a caseworker for Texas Child Protective Services.
* Brooks was once Education Director for the Mental Health Association.
* Was once a Fort Worth Independent School District tutor.

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* Brooks was elected Vice Chair at the 2006 State of Texas Democratic Convention. She served as one of the Vice Chairs for the League of Women Voters.
* Served for three terms as Texas Young Democrats Vice Chairwoman, enabled her to rise to the level of State Democratic Executive Committee.
* Later, peers elected her to serve as the Committee Woman for District 12.
* Served more than two terms in this position.
* Brooks was elected Vice Chairwoman of the Texas Young Democrats while a youth.

Pledged Status
* Brooks, who is black, has pledged her support for Barack Obama. Hector Nieto, TDP Director of Communications, said news of her support came in the form of a March 4, 2008 press release.
* Opted to support Obama because "I felt it was the will of the people. Obama generated participation from African-Americans in numbers we've never seen before," said Brooks.

Involvement in the 2008 Election
* Brooks said her position on the State Democratic Executive Committee has her immersed in the 2008 Election. She's trying to make sure constituents vote. "I want to stay on committee and open the floodgates, so everyone gets involved."

Previous Campaign Work
* Served as a member and Vice Chair of the Fort Worth Transportation Authority for 10 years.

Connections to Politicians, Leaders on State Level
* Upon her graduation from college, Brooks once worked for United States Speaker of the House, the Honorable Jim Wright, who resigned in May 1989.
* Brooks said she worked as a "gofer" for two years, although today her position would be "liaison." Wright resigned after ethics allegations surfaced. Aside from Mr. Nieto's comment, and a New York Times article on Jim Wright, all information on Brooks came from the Texas Democratic Party web site:

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Linda Chavez -Thompson

*Linda Chavez was born in Lubbock, Texas on August 3, 1944, the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants. Her parents worked as sharecroppers to support their eight children. Like her siblings, Chavez-Thompson began working at an early age to supplement her family's meager income. She was just ten when she began picking cotton for 30 cents an hour in the small town of Lorenzo. A few years later, she was asked by her father to leave school to work for the family full-time while her brothers continued their education. His reasoning was that education was not as important for a girl, since she would eventually marry and become a housewife. In an oft-told anecdote from her childhood, lack of schooling did not prevent Chavez-Thompson from becoming an early labor negotiator. With the backing of her siblings/workers Chavez-Thompson convinced her father that her mother should stay home and care for the house instead of joining them in the fields. The threat that the children would walk off the job was real enough for her father to agree.
*At nineteen Chavez married Robert Thompson and took on her hyphenated surname. Following her marriage, she left the cotton fields for cleaning houses and entered the work world of minimum wage. Then in 1967, through the help of an uncle, she landed a secretarial position with the Lubbock local of the Laborers' International Union, the same union to which her father belonged. At $1.40 an hour, the pay was barely higher than what she made as a cleaner, but in this position she began to find her calling. As the only bilingual staff member,
*Chavez-Thompson is the widow of Robert Thompson. She lives in Washington, D.C., where she relocated after moving from San Antonio, Texas. She has two children from a previous marriage and two grandchildren.
*Chavez-Thompson has held the position of executive vice president of the AFL-CIO since her election on October 25, 1995, which came as a result of an insurgent campaign designed not to subvert the AFL-CIO but to infuse the organization with new blood, energy, and direction.
*She is on the United Way's Board of Governors and the U.S. State Department Advisory Committee on Labor Diplomacy. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Labor Heritage Foundation, an executive committee member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, and a board member of the Institute for Women's Policy Research.
*In October 1995, Chavez-Thompson was elected executive vice president of the 13.6 million-member AFL-CIO. The push to elect her was part of an effort to improve union's relationship with women and minorities, who make up more than 40 percent of membership.

Involvement in the Democratic Party
*She has strived to build AFL-CIO coalitions with neighborhood organizations, community groups, civil rights organizations such as the NAACP, the League of United Latin American Citizens, National Council of La Raza, and with women rights organizations.

Political interests and issues
*During the Clinton administration, former President Bill Clinton appointed Chavez-Thompson to serve on the President's Initiative on Race and to serve as vice chair of the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.
*Biography of Linda Chavez-Thompson. Democratic National Committee. Washington, D.C., 2001. Available at
*Lord, Mary. "A Sharecropper's Daughter Revives Labor's Grass Roots." U.S. New and World Reports, 25 December 1995.
*"Linda Chavez-Thompson, Advisory Board Member." Welcome to the White House, Washington, D.C., 2000. Available at
*Chavez-Thompson has been a lifelong Democrat. In 1988, she was elected a delegate from San Antonio pledged to Dukakis.[31] In 1992 and 1996, she was elected as a Democratic delegate pledged to Bill Clinton, and in 1996 was named an honorary co-chair of his re-election campaign.[32]
*In January 1997, she was elected a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and appointed a vice chair of the 52nd Presidential Inaugural Committee.[33] The same year, she was also appointed a member of Advisory Board to President Clinton's One America Initiative.[34] Chavez-Thompson has been re-elected a vice chair of the DNC since her original election in 1997, and was last re-elected in 2005 for a four-year term.[3]

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Al Edwards

House of Representatives


Basic Bio
* Edwards is a thirteen term member of the Texas House of Representative.
* Born March 19th 1937, is age 71.
* Edwards is a native Houstonian.
* Is the sixth child out of the sixteen children.
* Son of Reverend E. L. Edwards, Sr. and Josephine Radford Edwards.
* Edwards received a Bachelors Degree from Texas Southern University in 1966 and a Certificate in Corrective Therapy at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.
* Was involved in the Civil Rights Movement where he participated in peaceful marches and demonstrations throughout the United States of America with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Reverend Jesse Jackson, Mr. Carl Stocks, Reverend William (Bill) Lawson, and others.
* In 1979, authored House Bill 1016, making Juneteenth (June 19th) a state paid holiday in Texas.
* Also, in 1979, started the Al Edwards Real Estate and Mortgage Company.
* Edwards served as the State Chairman for Reverend Jesse Jackson's campaign for President of the United States in both 1984 and 1988 in Texas.
* In 1987, he was arrested in Houston and went to jail for peacefully demonstrating against apartheid in South Africa.
* Representative Edwards served as Chairman of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus from 1991 to 1997.
* Edwards was called to ministry in April 1993. Reverend Edwards is a member of Progressive New Hope Church.
* Reverend Edwards received his Doctorate of Divinity from World Bible Christian University in San Antonio.,

Political interests and issues
* In 1979, Texas State Rep. Al Edwards authored Texas House Bill 1016, to make June 19th a holiday commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas, a state paid holiday in Texas.
* Edwards of Houston proposed legislation to ban "sexually suggestive" performances at high school athletic events and cheerleader competitions and to reduce state funding for schools that violated the ban. CBS news quoting Edwards: "It's just too sexually oriented, you know, the way they're shaking their behinds and going on, breaking it down. And then we say to them, 'don't get involved in sex unless it's marriage or love, it's dangerous out there,' and yet the teachers and directors are helping them go through those kind of gyrations." (retrieved March 22, 2008)
* Edwards has advocated amputating the fingers of drug dealers (1989) and flogging for inmates in state prisons in 1991

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* Edwards is a thirteen term member of the Texas House of Representative, first elected in 1978, representing the 146th District in the Houston area.
* Boris Miles defeated Edwards in the 2006 Democratic primary, but has been elected to return to the Texas House again in 2008,
* Was elected Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Black Caucus and held that position for six years.
* Edwards was Vice-Chairman for ten years.
* Edwards received National media attention because of his Cheerleader Decency Bill and was interviewed on the Daily Show (May 9, 2005) and on The O'Reilly Factor (April 20, 2005). The Daily Show link may take a while to load but it's worth it. This is one of our Superdelegates that will decide the nominee.,,2933,154185,00.htm
* During the Clinton administration, Edwards was often invited to the White House as the guest of President Bill and Hillary Clinton
* In 1999, Edwards was appointed Chairman of Texas Emancipation Juneteenth Cultural and Historical Commission by Governor George Bush. (retrieved March 22, 2008)

Pledged Status
* Edwards still remains unpledged.
* Edwards: "Well they (Clinton and Obama) both have good attributes. I want to see Obama and I want to see Hillary."
* The following is as close as he's come to an endorsement: "Superdelegate Al Edwards, who on Tuesday staged a comeback by defeating first-term Rep. Borris Miles in the Democratic primary, said he pledged to Obama over the weekend. But on Wednesday, a spokesman for the Obama campaign said they weren't counting on Edwards' support."

Previous Campaign Work
* Edwards served as the State Chairman for Reverend Jesse Jackson's campaign for President of the United States in both 1984 and 1988.

Connections to Politicians, Leaders on State Level
* As a state Representative, was the Chairman of the Rules and Resolutions Committee, Chairman of Budget and Oversight of the Ways and Means Committee and a member of the Appropriations Committee.
* Edwards is such a strong and dependable supporter of Texas Republican House Speaker Craddick that he is commonly called one of "Craddick's Ds" by newspapers and bloggers. When Texas House Democrats fled to Ardmore, OK to prevent a sufficient quorum that the Tom Delay and the Republicans needed for their gerrymandered redistricting, Edwards stayed in Austin, instead of supporting the party.,,
* Republicans are also where he has received most (over 99%) of his reported funding for his 2008 election.
* "Former Democratic Rep. Al Edwards, defeated two years ago by Miles, won back his seat Tuesday. Edwards, a Craddick ally, got a $25,000 boost from Houston homebuilder and longtime Republican contributor Bob Perry. Miles has been a Craddick opponent." That's $25,000 out of his $25,150 of campaign funding. mar 5,2008,
* That's the same Bob Perry, which in 2004, gave $4.45 million to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and has funded (in millions of dollars) many groups that used negative advertising against Democratic candidates in 2006.,

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Joseph David Hardt
Basic Bio

CFO, Mills Creek Inc.
President, Young Democrats of America
attended SMU - Finance major

Involvement in the Democratic Party
*2004 DNC Delegate,
*2004/5/6 Dallas County Young Democrats of America Treasurer & President
*David has appeared in various Texas media in the past month as the role of superdelegates has become increasingly higher profile

Political interests and issues. What causes have they been associated with?
*voter registration
*youth participation in politics
*gay rights

Even if they have not publicly declared their support for a candidate, how have they been involved in the 2008 election? Have they appeared at events?
*voter registration advocacy through the YDA channels

*contributed $4,600 to the Edwards, Obama, and Hillary campaigns in Q2 2007
*Rick Noriega - Texas Senate campaign (D)
**donations listed under both David Hardt and Joseph David Hardt (his full name)

Political Background
*Pauline Dixon - helped fundraise for her campaign for Congress against incumbent Republican Pete Sessions,
*At the age of 31, Joseph David Hardt has already achieved a high level of prominence within the Democratic Party. When he was elected president of the Young Democrats of America in July of 2007, he automatically filled one of the superdelegate seats provided to the YDA by the Democratic National Committee.
*The position that has garnered him phone calls from both Clintons and a personal visit from their daughter in the past few weeks and the status his title grants him were not borne of a lifelong sense of innate activism, however. Hardt attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he received his undergraduate degree in finance. A quiet career in the business-world seemed inevitable when Hardt took a job out of college as an accountant at Mills Creek Press Inc. He has since worked his way up to Chief Financial Officer, but a simple act of institutional homophobia in 2000 led him down the political path.
*Hardt's partner fell ill enough to need a trip to the ER and the ambulance ended up taking them to the Baptist-affiliated Baylor medical facility in Dallas. David was denied admittance to his partner's room because he was not family. After getting the runaround from his Republican Congressman, Hardt joined up with the Democrat opposition's campaign. He met some local Democrats through his fundraising efforts and soon was the treasurer and eventual leader of the Dallas YDA. Recognition for his efforts at the local led to his successful bid for president of the national YDA, where he now devotes much of his energy to ensuring civic engagement on the part of America's youth.
*Though the by-laws of the YDA do allow individual officers to endorse a specific candidate, Hardt has chosen not to in favor of holding out to see what is best for the party. In his own words in an OffTheBus interview, "my brain is telling me Hillary and my heart is saying Obama." One thing is certain: whoever ends up getting Hardt's vote as a superdelegate will need a strong, concise stance on supporting America's youth.

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Sue Lovell

Basic Bio
*She moved to Houston from Fresno, CA at age 19, but it is unclear if she was actually born in Fresno (the one question I forgot to ask during the interview).
*She did not attend college.
*She is an at large city councilmember, city of Houston, TX.

Involvement in the Democratic Party
*She was a precinct judge for 10 years before becoming a city councilmember.
*She is a state Democratic Executive Committee member.
*She is serving her second term in as a DNC superdelegate, a post she was elected to almost 8 years ago.
*She is an openly gay councilmember and politician.
*She is a member of the Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Steering Committee for Hillary Clinton's campaign,

Personal political interests and issues
*She is an advocate of all LGBT issues, with particular attention paid to AIDS education,
*One of her passions in city council is graffiti removal and prevention.
*She currently serves on the following committees as a city councilmember: budget and fiscal affairs ethics human services and technology access public safety and homeland security quality of life sustainable growth regulation, development, and neighborhood protection chair of historic preservation subcommittee

Involvement in 2008 election - campaign appearances, statements
*Endorsed Hillary around the middle of last year

Contributions to Candidates
Family's Involvement in Politics, the Democratic Party
Previous Campaign Work
*She said she has "many friends" from Bill Clinton's campaign who are also working for Hillary

Connections to Politicians, Leaders on State Level
*Information for this section comes from Houston Tx
*Sue said she "helped" Ann Richards become governor of Texas. (interview)
*Democratic Superdelegate, Houston Councilmember, and Vice-Mayor Pro-Tem Sue Lovell "moved to Houston in 1970 from Fresno, California with 3 suitcases, $35 and two good friends," at the age of 19, according to her profile on the city's website. It is in the late 1970's there in Houston when Lovell first witnessed the glass ceilings women in industry face. As an employee and eventual owner of Long Point Printing & Rubber Stamp, she gained knowledge of the Houston private sector. She moved on to work for Federal Express, where she was recognized for her efforts in improving management efficiency and employee relations. In 1999, she was hired by the Mills Corporation, where she implemented a successful welfare-to-work program. Today, Lovell draws on her experiences as a woman climbing the private sector ladder when identifying with Hillary Clinton as her candidate of choice for the Democratic nomination.
*She also began a long career of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community activism by founding the AIDS Foundation Houston (AFH) in 1982 and serving on its board for 12 years. As a single mother of three adopted boys, an openly gay city official, and a member of the LGBT Steering Committee for Hillary Clinton's campaign, Lovell is constantly working to advance the causes of her community.
*Lovell's career in public service began with grassroots campaigning in the 1980's, inspired by Kathy Whitmeyer's election as a female mayor in a male-dominated city government. She helped with Ann Richards' gubernatorial campaign, among other Democrats, as well as with voter registration. From 1994 to 1999, she worked in the state comptroller's office in the Local Government Assistance Division, where she focused on sustainable development of local economies and school board efficiency. In 2000, she was elected to the Democratic National Committee as a superdelegate. In 2006, she ran a successful campaign for an at-large position on the Houston City Council and in January of 2008, she was unanimously elected as Vice-Mayor Pro-Tem.
*Lovell supports Hillary Clinton not just because she identifies with her plight as a woman in politics and is excited at the possibility of seeing a woman president in her lifetime, but because she believes Clinton's experience and skillset make her prepared to excel as president immediately. Citing Sen. Kennedy's backing of Barrack Obama in the face of a Massachusetts popular vote that gave the state to Clinton, Lovell says she will maintain her support for Clinton as a superdelegate regardless of the outcome in Texas on March 4.

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Boyd L. Richie

Chairman of the Democratic Party


All information on Boyd L. Richie (except Hector Nieto quotes) are from the Texas Democratic Party web site:

Basic Bio
* Richie is a lifelong Democrat and a Texas native.
* During Richie's early days, his block-walking for Democratic U.S. Senator from Texas Ralph Yarborough led to his selection as a U.S. Senate Page.
* Richie attended Midwestern State University, where in 1966, he earned a bachelor's degree in political science.
* Richie is a member of the first graduating class of Lubbock's Texas Tech University School of Law.
* Richie is the father of two grown sons and a grandfather of four.
* Richie is an avid sportsman
* Member of First United Methodist Church of Graham, Texas.

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* In 1976, Richie beat an incumbent for the position of District Attorney for the 90th Judicial District, which is comprised of three Texas counties. Richie is currently serving his third term as Young County Attorney in Graham, Texas.
* Richie was unanimously elected Democratic Party Chairman on April 22, 2006.
* When Richie was elected Chairman of TDP in April of 2006, his first speech included a five-point plan to revitalize the party. Richie's plan focused on:Expansion of field staff, grassroots training, building a pro-active communications team and incorporating modern technology in the party's fundraising, outreach and communication strategies.
* Prior to being elected, Richie served two terms on the State Democratic Executive Committee.
* Was Chairman of Audit Subcommittee of the Finance Committee.
* Richie served as Vice President of the Young County Bar Association and in 2005, was elected a "Life Fellow" by the Texas Bar Association.

Pledged Status
* Richie has opted to remain neutral until the State Convention in Denver in June, according to TDP Communications Director Hector Nieto.

Involvement in the 2008 Election
* As TDP Chairman, Richie presided over the March 4, 2008 Texas Democratic Primary.
* Will continue to preside over the upcoming statewide Texas senatorial races and the Texas Democratic Convention in June, Nieto added.

Family's Involvement in Politics, the Democratic Party
* Married to DNC Member Betty Richie for 39 years

Previous Campaign Work
* Richie was a volunteer who put in countless hours for Democratic candidates, including Texas Democratic women and his wife Betty Richie's campaign for the Texas State Legislature.
* Former President Bill Clinton appointed him to the Selective Service Local Board, a position he held until he won the position of Young County Attorney.

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