09/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Day In the Life of Democratic Delegate: Arizona's Pat Cannady Opens Up

Arizona delegate Pat Cannady chats daily with OffTheBus contributor Marlene H. Phillips about her experiences at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver. Here are excerpts from her dispatches.

August 28, 2008:
"Unlike Cannady, Cheuvront didn't spend Wednesday in tears, yet her recounting of the experience was full of just as much emotion. During the roll call, Cheuvront couldn't help but notice the difference between those that were crying and those that weren't: she didn't see anyone her age, in their thirties, breaking down in tears when Obama was officially made the Democratic nominee." Continue reading here.

August 27, 2008:
"But should those media-hyped McCain supporters (or those not voting at all) actually materialize at the convention, Cannady is ready with a message. "If you're one of these people who says they're not going to vote for anyone for president because their candidate didn't get chosen, then you shouldn't be here. I have nothing but respect for Independents, but this is the Democratic National Convention. We're Democrats here."" Continue reading.

August 26, 2008:
"Pat Cannady has discovered something: being a delegate from John McCain's home state of Arizona has its advantages. "Everyone wants to talk to us! They say, 'We hear you have a chance of going blue!'" Maybe that's how she ended up watching the emotional speeches of Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama in prime seats, two rows away from Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden." Continue reading.

August 25, 2008:
"Unity, said Cannady, has to be the number one takeaway from this convention, and she doesn't feel introducing Senator Clinton's name into nomination will help. And Cannady's not alone; in conversations with delegates representing other states, even some of the Clinton delegates would like to see this put to rest. "Some of the Clinton supporters are just plain confused. Some had thrown their support behind Obama after Clinton dropped out of the race but since they were originally selected as Clinton delegates they really are torn about that roll call." Continue reading.

August 22, 2008:
"A retiree with a background in early childhood education, lifelong Democrat Pat Canady is excited to be attending her first convention. "I've been involved in politics my whole life, my first campaign involvement was as a 'Kennedy Kid' in high school. But this is the first presidential campaign where I knew upfront, right from the start, who I was going to support. I've been supporting Obama since the day he declared." In addition to her delegate responsibilities, she'll be attending the Senior Caucus meeting as a member of the steering committee for the newly-formed Grandparents For Obama, and will be packing lunches for Meals on Wheels as part of a delegates' Community Service Day." Continue reading.


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