03/28/2008 02:47 am ET Updated 4 days ago

Tancredo: Courting Latino Voters Tantamount To Aiding And Abetting Crime

Fred reveals he's a nuclear technology expert. Edwards channels Harry Truman. Tancredo accuses opponents of helping lawbreakers.

The following piece was produced through the Huffington Post's OffTheBus. Edited by Richard Riehl and Denise Wheeler. Reported by Kirsten Anderson, Ken Bank, River Curtis-Stanley, Jodi Lampert, Julie Pierce, Debbi Plummer, and Theresa Weathers.


Next he'll propose a Department For Linguistic Purity: Tom Tancredo says his rivals are aiding immigrants in breaking the law by taking part in this weekend's Spanish-language debate in Miami. "What the other candidates are doing--it's encouraging violation of the law because it's saying, 'Don't worry about the fact that you have to know English to earn citizenship'." In Tancredo's America the Language Police would put an end to such events.

Thompson says don't give Ahmadinejad a screwdriver! After a visit to an Indiana gun shop Tuesday, Fred explained why he doesn't feel any safer after the recent NIE report. "Nowadays they can have a peaceful nuclear program and it's very, very easy once they get to that level to turn a screw or two and make it into a weapons program." That easy, huh? Should we now launch a preemptive strike to keep Iran from acquiring screws of mass destruction?

Give 'em hell, Johnny! At a New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting John Edwards spoke of former clients, the family of an injured child, declaring, "I gave them hope. And then I walked into that courtroom and I gave the company hell... That's the kind of fight we need." Yep, the kind of fight that got Truman elected and made Edwards a millionaire.

Richardson, the happy warrior: In an interview in Iowa Tuesday, the candidate crowed, "I feel very good. You ought to see my crowds. I was in Newton, Iowa, yesterday and I had 200 people there. I feel like I have momentum." Did anyone tell him that's about 1% of the city's population? Polls show him at 9% statewide. Doesn't look to us like Bill's Big Mo's in Newton.

Hillary says she's ready to spend her last nickel on campaign: In trying to meet this week's campaign goal of $1.25 million, campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle implored supporters in the latest email, "I know $1.25 million sounds like a lot, but our opponents are ready to spend every last nickel they have to defeat our campaign. It's not going to get any easier." Is that fear or desperation we smell?

Rudy"s one hour costume change: In his newest TV ad titled "One Hour," Rudy is no longer the crime-busting savior of New York but the terror-warrior heir to Reagan. "One Hour" must be the amount of time he figures it will take voters to remember that Reagan was selling missiles to Iran while he was "standing up" to dictators.


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