08/04/2014 03:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Can We Live Our Lives In The Spirit of Sportsmanship?

Life is sometimes can be like a sporting event because everyone is chasing after something. We are all in a race for the pursuit of happiness and we are all hoping and expecting to win something. Isn't it interesting how sports truly brings people within a nation together? Even though our world is divided by race, culture, tradition, politics, gender, sexuality, war and many other things, anytime we have a sporting event like the Olympics, we all compete in the same spirit of love and sportsmanship. People unite within a nation, ignoring their differences, coming together in solidarity to show other countries their worth and value, their own physical and mental capabilities. And even though we do not qualify for every competition or we do not win, we find it in our hearts to cheer others on who do in hopes that next time, they would do the same for us in another season. Wouldn't it be interesting if we could continually treat life and those that surrounds us in the same spirit of love and sportsmanship? And I do not just mean us as individuals but also our neighboring societies and countries. That we do not have to wait for a sporting event to happen before we can find a common ground to agree on something that favors everybody.


But unfortunately, it is sad to say that even though such highlights brings joy at the very beginning, making everyone enthusiastic about the games, as soon as such events are over, whether we win or lose, we are back to where we left off with the division in communities and global society. With dictatorship at its very worse and best. With segregation over who should be in control of power, new immigration laws that places pressure on border control, pushing foreigners away and out of developed countries forgetting what such people have to offer equally. Forgetting the only reason why so many of such people are at the borders is the division in their own communities. Forgetting we are just as guilty as they are and that countries like America is the great country it is because of the variety of race, culture and ethnicity. Isn't it interesting how when we are competing in any games we are not conflicted about who should be in leadership to guide the team? It is not debatable who is more talented or skilled but as a team we understand we all play a significant role to be successful at winning.

When Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh were trying to win any championship, they were not debating who was better but understood how their individual roles has a huge impact significantly. They understood the only way to win was not being selfish about who they are, seeking the spotlight on just themselves which would not be beneficial on the short run but seeing the big picture of how a general win for everybody would not only be beneficial to the whole team but how it would allow them to survive playing a sport they love so dearly. If we lived our lives in the same spirit of sportsmanship, not debating who should be in leadership or who has the right exercise more power and authority, accepting our different roles and responsibility then we can all survive long enough to enjoy the benefits of winning. If leaders around the world understand they are no different than the head coach of a basketball team and it their job to know how to place everyone as players where they best fit, not abusing power and authority for selfish gain which is not beneficial on the short run but has greater earnings on the long run, then together we would have accomplished more than just winning. God bless.