11/29/2014 02:51 pm ET Updated Jan 29, 2015

Do You Know You Have Superpowers?

Olivia Bell Photography via Getty Images

I met someone in a bookstore a couple of weeks ago that totally change my view on a lot of things. I saw my imagination come to life in the most intriguing way ever, at the very least moment I expected it. For a while now, I have been wondering and imagining what it would be like to bring a particular character and personality I had created in my head to life. To meet someone with similar values, passion, traits and attributes that connect with mine so deeply. Even though in my line of work as a speaker, this should happen from time to time or occasionally, I have never made a connection the way I did with this person that I met a couple of weeks ago. Astonished by this interaction, it took me a little while to recollect that we are all inventors, we are all capable of creating our future through our visions and dreams. We are all capable of materializing ideas and relationships that changes everything. This little ounce of faith had to be the reason I met this person the way that I did.

It was not planned neither had I met this person before but the moment I unknowingly shared a story from a book I am working on about my autobiography, her eyes soaked up with tears, validating that I was on the right path because life had replicated the same events I had experienced also in her story. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that the life we all live is not just ours alone but for others equally. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that the gift, talent, ideas or life story we possess can change that of someone incredibly. That it provide others a sense of hope, purpose and direction to guide them into what life has destined them to be. Immediately I understood everything this person was currently going through, I could easily relate to her struggles of fitting in. I understood the challenges of trying to live someone else's dream and because we do not want to hurt their feelings we have to settle for a definition that does not describe who we really are internally.

I also understood what it meant to hide one's true nature, one's real audience and try to blend in with a category of people who do not see what we see. And the more I was able to interpret this person's story, buckets and buckets of tears kept gushing down her face because everything I shared made perfect sense literally. She then added to the moment by letting know how she never cries for anything. Which also tells me for years she had successfully masked her pain not to show any sign of weakness but until we met was she unable to hide it any longer because we shared a similar and relatable story. This is one of the moments that makes the journey and sacrifices towards who we believe we are truly worth it. Being able to see how much impact we have on the lives of others. Knowing that our talents, ideas and skills, experiences and history has not only been designed to support us but also meant to support the world that has been created for others personally or professionally.

In an instant I became a superhero to this incredibly smart, charming and beautiful lady. A few minutes earlier that day in the bookstore, we had never met. We had no knowledge of one another, we barely know the other existed and she was actually visiting from another country. She was in-transit through my point of residence to another country when she decided before leaving she would spend a couple of weeks. What she was yet to realize was that her decision to spend a little bit of time before she was on her way was part of the plan the universe had designed to help her get the answers that she needed to make some incredible life changing choices. We all offer something of incredible value that can change the lives people incredibly. We can learn through our gifts, talents and skills how to become a superhero that uses their superpowers to heal anyone miraculously. God bless.