07/28/2014 03:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Do We Succeed and Manage Fresh Opportunities?

History records that when Jackie Robinson, an African-American, a black man was going to be hired to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947 by its President Branch Rickey in a time when baseball was a major league sport played by white men, it was a risk that could revolutionize the sport forever but could also sparse very easily more hatred to a community that has experienced rejection for a while. Jackie Robinson was a fine athlete and a true force to be reckoned with, but talent was not going to be enough, his character was going to be tested about who he was and his love for such a game.


A new level of success always attracts a new level of threat. It requires a new level of perception, courage and determination to win such a war. White and black people back in the 1940s and '50s could not share the same bathroom let alone sit in an arena together during a sport event to watch the same game so Jackie Robinson's success at this sport would be changing history. Brooklyn Dodgers President understood besides his talent, Jackie Robinson was a man who stood against segregation. He knew Robinson would not be facing the public, sport fans and other team competitors alone but he would have to face how this huge transition will affect his own team members as well. He told Robinson voicing his opinion harshly as he did in the past when things did not work his way would have to be managed differently in this season.

Fresh opportunities are intimidating just as they are rewarding. There is just as much ashes in it just as we see its beauty. It is because this new level of success brings along with it a certain degree of power that cannot be abused which is why the challenges are quite humbling. Even though Robinson was fighting the world for acceptance for a game he loved, the criticism only refined his character, made him better at the sport and allowed him to see other treasures like the true value of family. After his faith in God, his wife had been provided the grace and fortitude to be there for him. Robinson overcame his challenges because he was born to play baseball and it was just a matter of time before color was not an issue as long as he kept his team winning.

Since a new opportunity is not familiar to us we can expect a few mistakes along the way so the key to surviving such a situation is learning from the mistakes we make and constantly keep adapting. If you choose to be successful in politics then fight your opponents with what they do not have and let them win in areas where they know your weaknesses. If you have chosen to be a successful business man or woman then you have to bear the same risk successful people take to properly compete. You cannot afford to gamble the risk. Those who are successful at what they do never take the same risk as regular people do. Their choices are different and they are often called crazy. They take on challenges that a majority has already told them they are unable to win. They just dare to do things other people do not dare to do, this is what makes them different. This is how they dream.

The late Steve Jobs, Apple founder, lost the company he built to investors only for him to buy it back a few years later because he had learned from his own initial shortcomings. A vital component to managing fresh opportunities is not fearing to take risk. There is always the possibility of being presented with offers that anyone has rarely heard of. Diamonds are one the rarest jewels in the world and because of this, it also has a rare and high value. What it takes for anyone to be successful often depends on how rare their traits and attributes are.

Transitioning from my home country Nigeria into the United States was a little bit challenging. I came into a culture that had different rules to survive so I had to learn a lot from my shortcomings. Suppose you invite guests over for dinner for the very first time, the people invited are walking into an unfamiliar situation. While you know the premises of your home properly, they have to ask you where the bathroom or living room is if they needed to get around properly. Without proper guidance in a new environment of opportunity we are pretty much lost trying to get around successfully. The moment I moved into a foreign country, I had to change culture, lose tradition accept fresh values and principles if I was going to survive properly. Failing is a great prerequisite for succeeding. Even to a baby walking is a whole new level of success that could lead to other opportunities but this can never happen without trying a few times to walk, falling over and over again till the baby has mastered the art of this new opportunity. God bless.