09/02/2014 03:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mental Illness: How the Victim's Families Suffer A Similar Faith


While there is no known cure for a psychological disorder, there are a few medications that can assist to subdue the illness so the victims are not at risk of hurting themselves or putting those around them or family members in great danger. But so much is focused around those afflicted with this illness or disease and what kinds of treatment can create a better healing, I want to focus here on how this inconvenience also secretly in many other ways affect the lives of their family. We already know that the entire process is a huge burden financially, emotionally or physically but what we do not know is how such illness can be occasionally misunderstood as hereditary. How such a medical history is often abused by even family members of the victim against one another when personal goals are misunderstood, raising the level of insecurity among themselves simply because they are unable to relate with one another the sacrifices and choices that must be taken for them to become everything they are meant to be.

When a regular family do not see eye to eye at dinner over personal issues and beliefs, they called it a misunderstanding, but for other folks with a psychological medical history, they misunderstand their differences so easily and see it as a symptom of the disease, unfortunately a different point of view among family members regarding how they perceive things differently only heighten their insecurities because of the illness that already exist. It leaves out the facts that since we all have a different set of traits and personality, is it possible in many ways that it has nothing to do with the disease or that we just see things a little differently?

Society on the other hand is also not often empathic to the victim's families as well due to their own insecurities and will carelessly misjudge them as an opportunity if their sense of reasoning does not fall within their own understanding. Even though many institutions and organizations exist to provide services that cater with those with such an illness, donations and research centers to better understand the symptoms of such a disease, when the victim's family see things differently to the officials or those responsible for managing such facilities, they are also dealt a similar faith as the victim. They forget so easily that since the families are the ones living this experience daily, they would occasionally have a different opinion to how their loved ones are being cared for or when they have been inspired to pick new roles and responsibility within society where they have an opportunity to make a significant change in the lives of many, they may choose to do things differently than it is normally done simply because they understand where their sense of motivation is coming from based on their own personal shortcomings.

But similar to when any public figure is involved in a scandal, the families suffer the same faith even though they are not directly involved in anything. The public does not easily spare or give them the benefit of the doubt but immediately assumes such discrepancy is hereditary. How many times have we misjudge others innocently, expecting them to be no different than their family who have been victims to either an abuse, disease or any type of problem? Expecting them to be no different because if it happened to others before them then it can happen to them as well. How many times have physicians and doctors predicted the reoccurrence of a health issue to their patient that has occur generationally, denying the patient any sense of hope but providing an estimated time to live if it does since they believe out of past experiences, not many have survived such circumstances. What we fail to realize is that because we all walk a different path in life, we do not have to suffer the same faith as others before us. We cannot judge the destiny of anyone by those of their family or others around them, our journey is different and our tale may tell a different story. God bless.