08/11/2014 06:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Advantage In Our Uniqueness

When we have been called out to be something, it also means no one can function best at whatever it is we are meant to be. Our unique role comes with a unique set of personalities that assist us in accomplishing whatever our goal is perfectly. The balance of life is understanding what role we play and how we were designed to cancel out a problem that already exist. While many of us have been chosen to accomplish similar roles, it is the diversity and variety in personalities that makes life so intriguing and interesting. We may all be going to the same destination but some of us may end up taking different paths to get there. Because we have all been wired differently, just like a navigational system that provides options and different routes to get to a destination, while some roads may be bumpy, rocky and longer for others, for some it may be smooth sailing and shorter based on how well they understand how to use the device properly which is similar to understanding how we use our gifts and talents properly to get us our destiny.


How many actors do we know play their role perfectly? Could Sylvester Stallone have played Raging Bull while Robert de Niro also played Rocky? Of course but there is a unique distinction in both their character that allowed them fit their roles perfectly the other way around which would draw greater attention and audience to these two famous movies. If these two famous, successful and legendary actors today had been handed the same script the other way around, they would not be the same two famous, successful and legendary actors we know today. Even though they were born to do the same thing, both actors with the same goal and dream, they play their role in life uniquely and differently.

Same can be said of LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Both great basketball players but fit in a different role and time. If you watch both their games closely, you will notice how they play to become the best at what they do is done differently. How they handle pressure is done differently. How they choose to assist their teams to become winners is manage differently. How they play may not just be enough but how they react to the challenges that leads them to their winnings is done differently.

We are not meant to fill the shoes of others only meant to fill our own because they fit perfectly. Our distinct character and uniqueness plays an important role in becoming whatever we are trying to be. It is no accident. The different blend of personalities is what adds flavor to life. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver will tell you what made him successful at his culinary profession was trying a variety of blend and spices to create or invent a perfect meal which channeled him into other avenues in promoting his talent and skill. There is an advantage in our uniqueness, it was designed to add the right flavor and spice to life. This means no matter what our calling is, we are better at trying to be who we really are rather than trying to model ourselves as others based on tradition or history, when who we are is designed to fit perfectly into purpose and time accordingly. God bless.