08/22/2014 12:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Will You Choose to Wear Today: Faith or Fear?


Do you know fear is an illusion? It is a feeling portrayed as an invincible wall that denies us access to what we assumed is impossible to our goals and dreams. It is what determines how we perceive opportunities. It is generally what fuels our insecurities during an unforeseen storm delaying our journey to destiny. To some, a problem creates vulnerability while to others a problem simply means an opportunity. From time to time, inevitably we are all required to take steps that leads to growth in our personal or professional lives. Our present situation is not guaranteed, which is why every step to growth comes at a risk, an uncertainty. Whether it is creating a new relationship or a business opportunity, whether it is being diagnosed with a health issue that has nothing to do with a family medical history, whatever is unfamiliar to us will at first produces insecurities. It is not unusual that we feel this way, our emotions, personality and character is designed to develop maturely over a period of time through experiences which is why if we look back over the course of our lives, what once use to intimidate us because of its unfamiliarity no longer threatened us because we embraced the risk and adapted to it successfully.

But just like every problem hypothetically is supposed to have a solution, fear also has an antidote, which is known as faith. These to principles work against one another. Just as everything in life has a balance whatever the circumstance may be, there is always something that cancels out the other to put everything in proper perspective. Since what fear does is to produce a wave of unstable emotions that results in a higher flow of adrenaline, making it is almost impossible to make a sound decision that can affects our lives positively, faith on the other creates the balance of anxiety, providing hope, seeing the impossible possible, seeing any offer or opposition as an opportunity, turning what is abstract in reality by just the power of believing. Faith provides a compass, a sense of direction regarding our choices. Any decision made with a sound mind is productive. Because the decision was made without anxiety, no matter the outcome, the results eventually works out to our benefit.

This is why it matters what we choose to wear before we set course for the day. Life is unpredictable and even though with a set of consistent events and experiences, we have created a formula to determine future occurrences to be better prepared how we handle any transition successfully, occasionally we have stepped out on a day confirmed would be sunny only for the day to end with so much rain pouring. Our role and responsibilities may change at any given time and we may have to embrace more of what life has to offer than before. A new goal, a fresh idea, an illness, relocating responsibilities, whatever the situation may be, what we choose to wear on any given day determine how such a situation is dealt with properly. God bless.