04/11/2011 12:42 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2011

The Moment I Knew (It Was Over)

The day he screamed at me in the car because I said hi to a friend of my ex's.

When he insulted me in front of strangers at a black tie event.

The day he said my daughter deserved a good spanking.

When I called his hotel room between 1:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. and he didn't answer.

When I knew he was calling another woman from the restaurant's bathroom.

The morning he called me in a panic from the airport after realizing he left his cell phone in my home.

The moment I found texts and calls between him and another woman.

The afternoon I spoke to the other woman and found out he had been seeing her for several months.

When I took him back after 3 months and found out he had never stopped seeing her.

The day I found out he dumped her after she revealed that she was pregnant with his kid.

In those moments and, sadly, many others, I was not ready to know that it was over.

But the day I asked myself these questions and gave these answers:

Is he someone I could lean on if I got cancer? Absolutely not.

Is he the type of man I would want my daughter to someday pick for herself? Hell no!

Is our relationship the representation and model of love that I want for my daughter? Not at all.

That was the moment I knew it was over.