09/23/2014 01:40 pm ET Updated Nov 23, 2014

20 Signs You Are A Traveling Family

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When our eldest daughter was 2 months old, we were very much in need of a vacation. While we were worried about flying with such a small child, we took her to France anyway. This trip was soon followed by others, including to Spain, Malta and Great Britain, and many more. I am not even counting the visits to see extended family in Poland and Germany.

The travelling continued after we had our second daughter. She even celebrated her first birthday on a plane!

When we had our third child, we decided that travelling with three children is somewhat stressful, not to mention expensive. The last flight we took was months ago, to see my parents for Christmas.

However, that trip made me realize that all these years of travelling with children were not for nothing. The way we managed to handle three children without any problems still blows my mind and made me realise that it really gets easier with time.

We already have the experience. We just need patience.

20 Signs You Are A Travel-Experienced Family

1) You pack only 1 bag and one carry-on bag for five people.

2) It takes you five minutes to pack said bags.

3) You no longer arrive at the airport more than two hours prior to boarding.

4) You start taking off jackets, and other outdoor clothing as soon as you get your boarding passes because you're NOT going to be THAT family.

5) Or you have probably checked in online so you start taking off your jackets as soon as you start heading for security check.

6) You start being very nice to the airport employees, among others because you secretly envy them for working at such a cool place.

7) Your 4-year old can spell a few words, among others her name, her sister's name, your own name, and one or two airline brands.

8) You-and your children-know and love songs, poems, and stories about airplanes, trains, cars, and other means of transport.

9) Your children play "Going to another country" in your backyard.

10) Your children say they have many homes and one of them is a hotel.

11) When not traveling, you and your children spend your time watching airplanes -- both on -- and offline.

12) One of your biggest dreams is to fly in the pilot's cockpit.

13) Airports feel like home to you and you actually have a favorite airport.

14) You've been flying with your children since they were very small.

15) Your child knows the "Fasten your seatbelts and put your seat in an upright position" routine better than you do.

16) Your children think that airplane magazines, bags and the security guidelines are toys to play with.

17) One of your 2-year old first full sentences was "Airplane is flying."

18) Your children regularly say: "When will we go to..."?

19) They can tell you how to get to the airport, even if it involves multiple means of transport such as trams, trains or buses.

20) After coming back home you decide that traveling with three children isn't so bad and begin to think about a possible next journey.

This post was originally published on the European Mama.