Concert Review: Pierce The Veil

01/09/2013 08:55 am ET Updated Mar 11, 2013

Pierce The Veil, a post-hardcore/"mexicore" band straight out of San Diego, California just released their third album, "Collide With The Sky," while on their run with the Vans Warped Tour 2012. Even more recently, they wrapped up their headlining tour last month, which I attended. Collide With The Sky Tour had support from Sleeping With Sirens, Tonight Alive and Hands Like Houses. Now, Pierce The Veil will be getting ready soon for their second tour, Street Youth Rising Now Tour, to promote their album. They will be kicking off the tour with Memphis May Fire, letlive. and Issues. But are they worth checking out on this tour? You are about to get a recommendation from the East Coast's biggest concert junkie!

To start with, let's talk about the set list that they played at their concert. Being a fan for almost three years now, I was hoping for a set that I was almost sure would not really happen. Needless to say, they basically hit the nail on the head with exactly what I and many other long-term fans were hoping for. They had a perfect mix of old stuff from their first album, "A Flair For The Dramatic," their sophomore album, "Selfish Machines," and their newest album as well. The fans who were there for mainly Pierce The Veil were in music heaven!

Now, what is worse than spending usually more than $70 on a concert ticket, gas money and food, just to see a band that does not even interact with the crowd? We all know how much we hate it, but do not fret if you are planning on seeing Pierce The Veil! These California boys know exactly how to entertain a crowd. They are constantly encouraging the crowd to jump, have fun, and to finish most of the choruses. It always seems like they pick the best parts of the songs to get the crowd to sing. I can't lie, whenever Vic Fuentes (the lead singer) put the microphone facing towards the crowd to sing, "Please, don't take this out on me, 'cause you're the only thing that's keepin' me alive. And I don't want to wait for the down set date 'cause I'd rather end it all tonight. And if I mean anything to you, I'm sorry but I've made up my mind" (Bulls In The Bronx), I had a few tears streaming down my face. Also, halfway through the gig, Vic took a moment to speak to the fans. He said, "How many of you can say that music has honestly helped them through the dark time, or has saved your life?" After the crowd settled down after going nuts, he continued, "Because I know if it weren't for these handsome dudes up here beside me, I don't think I'd be here." It was so cool to realize that in a room full of people, just because he said that it felt like the crowd bonded together because we knew we were all there for the same reason: to enjoy good music, music that has helped perhaps the girl that was in front of me.

In conclusion, go get your tickets now to the Street Youth Rising Now Tour. Out of my seven years of going to concerts, they could easily be ranked in the top five best. Besides the awesome energy, they knew how to keep going for the long show, the dream set list, and of course, their amazing looks -- they're definitely worth seeing. This was my third time seeing them, and I was not disappointed in the slightest bit. So which date will you be attending?