05/10/2012 05:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Please Meditate: Shifting Focus to Love (VIDEO)

Is it possible that you could be surrounded by something but not be aware of it?

Does a fish realize that it is submerged in water? Are fish able to enjoy the sensation of water, or have they become numb to it for being surrounded by it constantly? Do fish long for water, not realizing that it is in their every breath and flap of fins?

And is this why some fish jump? Does the brief moment in midair reawaken them to the experience of water when they re-submerge?

The ability to shift focus is basic to any meditation practice. Try this simple shifting of focus to see if perhaps you are submerged in love, but only lack the awareness of it. If nothing else, you may gain a deeper understanding of fish.

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