06/11/2015 06:27 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2016

Practice Meditation, Then Repeat Daily

Javier Pierini via Getty Images

Let's talk about the stuff you might do every day: brush your teeth? Change your underpants. Make the bed. Eat. Brush your hair. Wash dishes. Most daily routines are of necessity, it seems. But are they really? In our human history, there existed periods of time in which a person might have only possessed one set of clothes. The brushing of teeth in the manner we enjoy these days (which includes clean running water) was the distant fantasy of royalty only 100 years ago. In fact, if you happened to be born in a time or place in which running water was not commonplace or provided by a socialized government, most of your day would be spent finding it, transporting it, protecting it, and then repeating. For many on our planet, this is still the state of affaires.

Humans' daily rituals are undoubtedly evolving, adapting as our needs and abilities shift. We seem to find a way to incorporate into our day activities which serve us. If you are fortunate enough to have running water, a safe environment, and some amount of manageable leisure time, you might be at the cusp of the evolution of human consciousness. You might already be brushing your teeth at least once a day. You might already posses dozens of changes of outfits. You might already be evolved enough for daily meditation to become part of your life, if it isn't already.

Daily meditation feels good, and it's good for you I brush my teeth daily not just because I should, but because I love feeling fresh and minty. The same is true of meditation. I meditate daily not just because I know it's good for me, but because when I forget or life is too hectic, my day is just a little less sparkly. I feel just a little dimmer.

Why is daily meditation called a "practice"? Whatever you practice on the cushion for a few minutes is meant to be brought into your daily life. Stillness, presence, mindfulness, calm, breathing, acceptance, forgiveness, loving-kindness or whatever your practice may be, can be brought into daily life. These wonderful elements of life will serve you like a good toothpaste, helping your inner transformation toward mind, body, spiritual, and emotional wellness, and also serving humanity's evolution as you incorporate your inner shifts into your expression of life. The power of one (you!) is profound.