06/16/2008 09:29 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Watch: Bring Your Own Bottled Water

Few things boil my blood like the disposable plastic water bottle. This thing stinks--literally! Go on, smell that oil-derived polyethylene.

There are many reasons to despise the disposable plastic water bottle. For one, it is straight up terrible for the environment, it's over-priced and the water's not even better than tap water--in many cases it simply is tap water. Ridiculous!

With all my water rage, I've come dangerously close to a postal outburst. Luckily, however, the fury hath been quelled. I've recently found a healthy and safe place to vent my environmental frustrations: yes, ABC"s Good Morning America Now.

Please enjoy the following clip of my first segment: "Bring Your Own Bottled Water," with hunky host and soap-opera heart throb Cameron Mathison.

Disclaimer: some have accused us of flirting on camera. I say erroneous. I was simply smitten by Cameron's enthusiasm for the subject and was even more excited when I duped him in a bottled water taste test challenge. Touché!

From ABC News GMA Now

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