02/24/2016 10:34 am ET Updated Feb 23, 2017

A Fake Behind-the-Scenes Look at Leo in The Revenant

How far will one actor go to recreate how far Leonardo Dicaprio went to recreate how far mountain man Hugh Glass mountain-manned? What really motivates an actor to suffer so much for a movie or parody of a movie? How powerful are Alejandro Inarritu's motivating techniques when the actor's resolve fails? And can director Inarritu even resolve the issues surrounding #OscarsSoWhite? All this, plus a behind the scenes look at the visual effects that went into The Revenant's shockingly-real bear fight, in sketch-comedy group Cannibal Milkshake's latest video.

In the video, fake Leo inhales dirt, eats raw fish, crawls through snow, gets dragged through mud, and pukes on himself. Towards the end, we find him whittling (what appears to be a small statue of a man... yes, that statue) half-naked in the cold. It is clear that he has suffered in making this video, though to what end is not clear. Unlike Leo, he can expect no reward for his pain. Will he read the comments people leave for validation? Check the number of views every five minutes to salve his wounds? Suffering is not rewarded equally; a select few get Oscars, and the rest are left to count on their hands the number of Youtube subscribers added.

Fun fact I learned from this video: this is the third movie in recent years that DiCaprio has made in which he is haunted by his dead wife.