02/23/2011 01:12 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

One for the Oscars: What to Eat with Each Best Picture Nominee

1. Let's start with the front runner: The King's Speech (Tom Hooper). You could easily go with several different options here, but I'd go basic. Since the movie is light and easy to follow, go with something easy to scarf down (even if it's not so light in calories) -- the good old English staple: Fish and Chips.

2. Go back to your childhood with Toy Story 3 (Lee Unkrich), and stick with the finger foods: that's right chicken fingers and fries -- the American "fish and chips."

3. Build up all your own muscle when it comes to watching The Fighter (David O. Russell) and treat yourself to a 16 oz steak, medium rare. You are going to need your protein if you want to step into the ring with Marky Mark.

4. If you have the stomach to handle a majority of 127 Hours (Danny Boyle), I'd say go with simple -- bread and water: Water so you don't get violently ill with something you truly love to taste. And bread to soak up all that water during one of the final scenes -- yes, you know which scene I am talking about.

5. Bring the beers and the wings for The Social Network (David Fincher). You may not make it to a million friends without making any enemies -- but you definitely won't make it to a million friends if you don't bring enough beers to share.

6. Get gritty when it comes to True Grit (Ethan and Joel Coen): pork and beans. And if you are especially brave, make yourself a side of grits to match the title.

7. Keep warm for Winter's Bone (Debra Granik) and avoid starving -- and freezing to death, with a warm beef stew.

8. Treat yourself to the lovely smell and sweet taste of a bakery cake while the main characters are denied even a slice in Black Swan.

9. Go organic with The Kids Are All Right (Lisa Colodenko) and join Mark Ruffalo's character in his garden with some fresh vegetables.

10. And when you finally take the chance to sit down and understand Inception (Christopher Nolan), choose anything that you can dream of. But watch out, you may just be dreaming that you are eating it.

Written by Libby Segal