Is The Media Stopping You From Traveling the World?

News outlets like CNN will tell you that the world is a scary place. ᅡᅠThey make you think Latin America is riddled with senseless killings and drug crimes.
03/05/2013 07:31 am ET Updated May 05, 2013

When I told my family and friends I was moving to Mexico for a year, there was an audible gasp. "Don't get shot, " one friend told me, only half-joking.

Time and time again I would take a deep breath before explaining that Mexico is a large country and only certain parts (like the major border towns) are notably dangerous. With a bit of common sense and street smarts -- necessary for any sort of travel -- I would be fine.

I often would receive a dubious shrug in reply.

Unshaken, in 2007 I moved to Monterrey, Mexico for 11.5 months and you can probably guess the rest: I had the best time of my life travelling the country, fell in love with the people and culture and was struck by the diversity. ᅡᅠMy safety was never threatened, even when travelling around the country on my own.

This is why I hate the media.

News outlets like CNN will tell you that the world is a scary place. ᅡᅠThey make you think Latin America is riddled with senseless killings and drug crimes, Asia is a plague-ridden shithole, that Africa is deep, dark and desperate, a place no traveler with a healthy fear of HIV and cannibalism should ever venture. According to the news, all of Middle East is volatile and backward -- the rampant insurgency will make your head spin. ᅡᅠRussia is sordid and racist. Eastern Europe is kind of okay, so long as you keep an iron grip on your purse -- gypsies, you know.

But I'll tell you what: Maybe they've got it wrong.ᅡᅠI've been to some of the most "dangerous" places in the world and I was fine. I've traveled solo in Chile and Guatemala and Mexico and didn't get kidnapped. I've written loads about how Israel and Jordan and Turkey and Dubai and Kenya and Tanzania and Morocco aren't backward or dangerous at all. They have been some of the safest and most interesting places I have been to. I lived in Hong Kong for two years and did the Southeast Asia thing. ᅡᅠWhile it's not everyone's cup of tea, the only thing I had to worry about while there were the people constantly taking my picture or touching my hair without asking (it's not every day they encounter such chocolatey goodness, you see).

Don't believe me? Talk to some of my intrepid traveler friends, girls who travel solo most of the time. Nailah from There's So Much to See spent two months in Lebanon this summer and had a ball. ᅡᅠAdventurous Kateᅡᅠ just spent three weeks in South Africa and it has proved safer than she ever could have imagined. Brenna from This Battered Suitcase and Ariawen from Beyond Blighty are currently travelling South America solo and two years ago Ayngelina, from Bacon is Magic, spent over a year in Latin America doing the same. A Lady in London has been to places like Kosovo and Senegal and Egypt and Tunisia.

I don't think the world is as scary as the media would have you believe. Most countries are only dangerous in certain parts, at certain times, and in certain circumstances. ᅡᅠPeople have been mugged in Minnesota, and stabbed in Saskatoon. ᅡᅠMy friend was pickpocketed in Rome and a number of people I know have had their phones stolen right from their hands in London.

No matter the destination, being informed and using your common sense is the best way to be safe.

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