12 Totally Useless Travel Gadgets

These travel items that are certain to make someone's next adventure a little more entertaining (at least for the person sitting next to you on your flight).
08/06/2014 09:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

By Elina Bolokhova for the Orbitz blog

Never know what to buy the savvy traveler in your life? Or maybe you're heading out on the road yourself and need one more useless travel gadget to stuff into your already over-packed suitcase? Here's a list of 12 travel items that are certain to make someone's next adventure a little more entertaining (at least for the person sitting next to you on your flight).

Ostrich Pillow, $84
Sometimes a nap is worth more than your dignity. (Just ask that mom trying to wrangle her kids in the airport security line.) For those times, grab an Ostrich Pillow and zonk out in total darkness -- anytime, any place.

Selk'bag Sleep Wear System, $159
Sleeping bags are great and all, but isn't it inconvenient to leave the warmth and safety of your on-the-go bed every morning? Never get out of your sleeping bag again with the Selk'bag Sleep Wear System. Ever.

F1 Safety Neck Rest, $14
This life vest inspired neck rest is definitely going to earn you some strange looks from your in-flight neighbor. Just ignore him. If the plane goes down in water, well... you'll probably drown. But for a few minutes there, everybody will think you're the most conscientious person onboard.

JakPak Tent and Sleeping Bag, $199.99
Nothing screams "there are ants crawling all over me!" like you will in this sleeping bag-tent hybrid. Forego the safety and comfort of genuine wilderness shelter with this ostensibly portable dwelling for the compulsively light-packer.

Travel HoodiePillowᅡᆴ, $19.95
Have you ever wished your inflatable neck pillow came with a hoodie attached? Or that your neck pillow somehow doubled as an eye mask to help you sleep on long flights? Your prayers have finally been answered.

Wireless Call Notifier, $49.99
According to the product's description, women miss 50% of their incoming calls because they can't dig their phones out of their purses fast enough. The solution? A seizure-inducing necklace that starts flashing like the strobe lights at a club every time Mom calls.

Upright Sleeper Adult Pillow, $27.99
See how happy that woman looks? That's because her head hasn't been bobbing the entire flight; it's held firmly in place by that odd-looking neck brace of a pillow. Her seat companion is even happier that he's not wiping drool off his shoulder. Everyone wins.

Personal Air Purifier, $79.99
Nothing says "I have crippling OCD" like this individual air purifier. Never fall prey to airborne contaminants again, as you make your way through a world that's out to poison you. Don't mind those funny looks you're getting -- your friends will succomb to the germs soon and who'll be laughing then?

Travel Chopsticks, $12
Whether you're the foodie who can't go anywhere without chopsticks, or one of those people who just doesn't trust chopsticks you don't know, this culinary equivalent to the pocket protector will impress even the most discerning of sushi-loving dining companions.

On the Cuffᅡᆴ, $6.99
Is there anything more annoying than getting your sleeves wet while washing up at the airport? With these life-jacket-yellow sponge bracelets, you'll never have to deal with that again. Phew. Take the website's advice and bring them everywhere, especially if you like a good conversation starter in public restrooms.

Hygienna Solo Portable Bidet, $9.99
If you often find yourself having to toss your newly-purchased bottle of water at the airport security scanner, the Hygienna Solo is an inventive way to get rid of that liquid. Hey, it's better than having to chug eight ounces in front of TSA officials.

Vogmask, $20
Want to instill a good, healthy fear of the world in your children? If your little ones won't agree to wear personal air purifiers (see above) slap on a fashionable Vogmask. They come in so many colors and patterns they're actually kind of cute, in that I'm-a-budding-germaphobe sort of way.