09/09/2013 02:12 pm ET Updated Nov 09, 2013

25 Reasons to Fast This Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is the jewish day of atonement. It is traditionally spent with a 25 hour period of fasting, in order to repent all the sins you've committed in the past year. And you know you committed a lot. Here are 25 reasons why you should join the fast this year:

1. Because a little part of you enjoyed Miley Cyrus' twerking catastrophe at the VMAs.
2. Because you liked someone's Facebook page only to get them to like yours.
3. Because you read more Gif Listicles on Buzzfeed than you did actual books this year.
4. Because you watched Sharknado.
5. Because you googled Anthony Weiner's dick pic.
6. Because you went to see Grown Ups 2, but not Lee Daniels' The Butler.
7. Because you're stomach needs a break from Chipotle.
8. Because you're going to write about the Breaking Bad finale' seconds after it airs, without a proper Spoiler warning.
9. Because you retweeted someone's joke, and took all the credits for it.
10. Because you had dirty thoughts about Piper and Alex from Orange is the New Black.
11. Because you asked Siri inappropriate questions.
12. Because you pushed someone to get a cronut.
13. Because you kept on watching Paula Deen's show up until the end.
14. Because you let someone fall to make your Vine video funnier.
15. Because a part of you was sad when Jon Stewart was back on The Daily Show.
16. Because you took pictures of your food on Instagram.
17. Because you were willing to annoy your friends only to get ahead on Candy Crush Saga.
18. Because you friended someone just to look at their beach photos.
19. Because your first reaction to Ariel Castro's suicide was to listen to that Dead Giveaway song again.
20. Because you lied when you said the cake you made was gluten-free.
21. Because the only prayer you said this year was that you would make it on time for McDonald's breakfast.
22. Because you settled on wishing your friend a happy birthday on his Facebook page only.
23. Because you abused the tasting option in an ice-cream parlor.
24. Because you want to prove to yourself (and others) that you can.
25. Because you didn't do it last year, and this list is just getting longer and longer.