Millions Will Read an Article That Has Breaking Bad in Its Title

The Internet has gone insane. Everything Breaking Bad related is getting massive shares and likes on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and all other less important social networks (*cough* Google+). By simply adding these two words -- "Breaking" and "Bad" to an article or video, the view count rises significantly. Never before did the Boswell Post in Indiana get so many hits as the day they wrote about a local man who had bad breaks in his car.

So, it's not surprising to hear that many newspapers and online magazines went out of their way to take part in this Breaking Bad phenomenon, using the show for their own personal gain. It's simple. You can take your ordinary title and add a little Breaking Bad spin to it.

For example, this article titled "After phone conversation with President Obama, Iranian President Rouhani in plane about to depart for Tehran" could get a lot more readers if it were changed to -- "After phone conversation with President Obama, about a new vacuum cleaner, Iranian President Rouhani in plane about to depart for Belize."

Or this Express UK article titled "David Cameron appeals to Ukip supporters: 'Vote for me or you won't get EU referendum'" could be -- "David Cameron appeals to Ukip supporters: 'Vote for me or you won't get close to 92 percent, not to mention the blue color".

Even this New York Times piece "Vice Admiral Is Suspended in Gambling Investigation" could go unchanged, with just an asterisk to get a reference in:
Vice Admiral Is Suspended in Gambling* Investigation.

*Gambling being a cover for an international drug cartel and various murders.

But it's not just newspapers and magazines that can get into this action. Book stores have the chance to publish some related books, in order to lure in costumers who aren't your typical book buyers. Soon to be released are titles such as:

Cooking With Heisenberg: How to cook pure and healthy.
Also available- Cooking with Heisenberg Celiacs: The same quality, none of the gluten.

The Empire Business: How your business could get more money than you can count.

The One Who Knock Knocks: Jokes for the ages of 4 and up.

The Joy of Gardening: How to grow plants that won't poison and kill your children.

Finally, with the success Breaking Bad has brought AMC, other networks might re-market their own shows to bring in the now lost audience this show has left with its ending.

ABC has re-named their new hit show to Marvel's ASACs of S.H.I.E.L.D

CBS has signed Anna Gunn for a Skyler spin off titled The Poor Wife

Jesse Pinkman's friends Badger and Skinny Pete have been approached by the CW for a very dark edition of Whose Line is it Anyway.

And lastly, FOX have decided to re-brand their dancing show "So you think you can Dance", which will now star Todd in his very own edition of So You Think You Can Cook.