07/03/2013 02:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

More Websites That Should Make Original Shows

After Netflix and Amazon getting into the original series business, here are some other famous websites that should start developing their own original shows.

1. Facebook- "Friends 2.0"
It's obvious that if Facebook is going to create an original show, it would have to revolve around what the site is all about- social networking with friends. And now, years after the original Friends ended, is the best time to re-make it. Granted, most of the original Friends ' cast are pretty busy- Jennifer Aniston with her film career, Courteney Cox with the 50th season of Cougar Town now airing on whatever channel bought it last, and Matthew Perry with his yearly cancelled TV shows on whatever channel still giving him a chance. That being the case, it's a good idea for Facebook to make a more current version of the show, more fitting to their business model.

The first thing you'd notice about Friends 2.0 is that instead of six friends, there are 17,000 friends. Every episode would have an A, B and C plot, followed by a D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K and L plot, finally resulting in someone actually leaving the house and chatting with one of the other friends face to face. Probably about why they unfriended them.

The show will use all the classic sitcom tropes -- A relationship statues update, a stalker ex-boyfriend commenting on every post you write, and the ever amusing technologically challenged parents writing embarrassing things on your wall.

2. Real Housewives of Etsy
trying to go after a younger, more internet savvy demographic, Bravo's Real Housewives franchise is teaming up with vintage online store Etsy to give you the new type of housewife-hipster moms. Yes, hipsters are just arriving at that age when they start having little hipster babies, which they can dress up in Mad Men themed-onesies, and feed organic Gerber to.

The show will focus on four new mothers, who are frequent shoppers on Etsy, trying to juggle motherhood with being a struggling artist. Trying to stay at home, taking care of the babies, while still staying at home knitting a scarf is proving extremely challenging to these new mothers.

In the pilot episode, we'll meet Nora, a 27-year-old freelance fashion designer who just had little baby Atticus, using an unknown german sperm donor. Trying not to conform to regular single-motherhood, Nora is not going to let Atticus keep her away from her dream, which she says is "becoming the next Tina Fey, but like, in fashion designing". (Nora also added: "I could have said Stella Mccartney or something, but I just really like Tina Fey. She's amazing").

Taking advantage of online viewing, Etsy will offer any of the items shown in the episodes up for sale. When you see something you like, simply click on it, and you'll get a link to the item's page on the site. Plus, with each purchase, Etsy will throw in a notarized certificate saying you bought it before it was cool.


3. Who wants to be a millionaire? Wiki Edition
Wikipedia is bringing back this popular game show, but this time -- with a twist! The contestant will still have to choose the correct answer from four options, but this time -- he's allowed to use Wikipedia*.

*Wikipedia and it's affiliates reserves the right to change, or have others change any information on the site to confuse the contestants, and make them choose wrong answers. Wikipedia does not guarantee fact checking or accuracy of any kind in questions, answers, lifelines or opening banter with the host.

Bonus points are awarded to those who can get from the correct answer to Hitler's Wiki page in less than three steps.

4. Twitter -- "TwiTV"
After inspiring the Twitter account based show $#*! my dad says, which proved a massive success, and creating the Vine- a 6 second video version of a tweet -- Twitter's next step has to be an original series -- "TwiTV."

Fit for today's fast pace life, this show will take audience participation to the next level. TwitTV is going to be broadcast live, in the style of good old fashioned improv. The actors will constantly review your plot ideas on Twitter, checking what's trending on the site, and performing it on the show. Everyone can take part in shaping the episodes. Don't like what you see? Simply tag the writers, actors or producers and let them know. We made everyone have Twitter accounts for this! And they have to check it constantly or they're fired!

You know those little hash tag suggestions network TV puts on the bottom of the screen on every show, trying to get it to trend on Twitter? Well now, for the first time ever, you can tweet your thoughts about your favorite show on Twitter, while on Twitter, hash-tagging it on Twitter with a #Twitter hash tag without ever leaving Twitter at all! Like anyone ever wanted to, anyway.

5. How I met your mother? on
The successful online dating site will develop a single-camera sitcom, similar to How I Met Your Mother. Only here, the answer is, and you know it straight off from the title. At least you won't have to wait nine years to get a two second glimpse of the mom buying a train ticket. Also, Barney finds out that on, he's not the only guy tricking women to sleep with him by saying he's an astronaut.


Illustrated by Tom Trager