News Roundup for January 2, 2017

Here are the things you need to know going into the new year.

1. A federal judge in Texas has blocked Transgender Americans from receiving an assured entitlement to Obamacare one day before it went into effect. It's 2017 and we're in Trump's America now. More here.

2. After many changes and cancellations, the plans for Trump's inauguration have been set. Will it be a dumpster fire? Probably. Find out where you can watch it right here.

3. Scientists have created a synthetic self-healing material inspired by the X-Men's Wolverine. Men everywhere are thinking the same thing: how can we use this on our dongs? More here.

5.Trump will probably be better for NASA than Obama. We imagine this is solely because he's looking to build Trump Tower on Mars. More here.

4. More than fifty people have been killed during a prison riot in Brazil. The new year is off to a good start. More here.