11/28/2016 01:42 pm ET Updated Nov 29, 2017

News Roundup for November 28, 2016

Outspeak is back at it with our roundup of the top five news stories you need to know, likely to increase your Monday morning blues.

1. A shooting in Ohio State University has ended with nine people injured and the gunman dead. Still no need to revisit the 2nd Amendment? We still good with easy gun access? Cool. More here.

2. Fidel Castro passed away on Friday and since then world leaders have come under fire for giving sympathetic tributes. Justin Trudeau meanwhile said Castro was a dictator, straight up. More here.

3. Donald Trump thinks he won the popular vote because voter fraud was widespread. Even though he won he is still unable to accept the results. More here.

4. Kellyanne Conway is in Trump's bad books after going rogue and publicly deriding Mitt Romney. Watch out Kellyanne, you don't want Donald coming after you in the Twitterverse. That's his rightful domain, where he sits high on the orange throne. More here.

5. A federal judge in South Carolina has granted Dylann Roof's request to represent himself in his hate crime trial. The judge also said it was a stupid decision. More here.

In case this is all too depressing here's a short film Wes Anderson directed for H&M: