05/31/2016 11:42 am ET Updated Jun 01, 2017

Silly Poem of the Week: For Good Measure

How do you know how to measure success
(A poem-worthy topic which I must address)
How do you measure what's purely subjective
Yet clearly selective in common perspective

Will fortune or status prove as effective
To measure the word and achieve the objective
Or maybe achievement of one's lofty goals
Like climbing a mountain or winning the poles

According to these definitions my friend
Success is a measure which never transcends
The will of the self, without beauty or grace
Trump, for example, will win the first place

I refused to live in a world where the measure
For one's own success is another one's treasure
I'll give you example - this way you will know
That success in not something to measure and show

I have a desire that's burning like torture
My own silly poems inside the New Yorker
They're fun and they're light and they run pretty deep
You'll read them and laugh, and perhaps even weep

But once I will reach this high destination
Will I then deserve a standing ovation?
And when I'll become an award winning writer
Does that mean my life would be happy and brighter?

See, when the New Yorker will swallow the Bait
It might be my journey, my purpose, my fate
It has nothing to do with succeeding in life
(At least in the eyes of my beautiful wife)

She says that the secret to measure success
And the way to achieve and accomplish this goal
Is to dig deep inside and to know your own soul

When we love who we are, success doesn't matter
We no longer long for the life of the other
But something else happens when we no longer measure
We start to uncover our personal treasure

Our gifts and our passions begin to emerge
The paths towards our purpose start to converge
And before you know it, they call you successful
I'm hoping, my friend, that the answer was helpful

More silly poems please!