12/10/2012 07:24 am ET Updated Feb 09, 2013

Francophone Destinations Far From Paris (PHOTOS)

There's something -- should we say a certain je ne sais quoi -- about getting away to a spot that's completely different. A different culture, different food, different people, a different language -- all of these things can make you feel worlds away from home (in a good way, of course). When we're choosing a destination, we often can't help but be drawn to French-speaking locales. After all, French is the language of love, and we feel pretty glam when we're conversing with locals in Francais. That said, Paris is sooo last year.

Why not visit a French-speaking spot that has, say, a beach as well? Or skip away to a European lakeside locale where French is the official language. If you want to immerse yourself in the French culture, France is not your only option. Check out some of our favorite French-speaking destinations not in France.

-- Jane Reynolds,

Francophone Travel