11/24/2012 10:12 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2013

Secrets Of A Hotel Pet Psychic (PHOTOS)

Hotels are offering some pretty creative services these days to attract guests' attention, from surf butlers to in-house tattoo artists to pet psychics. Many of these offerings may be gimmicks, but we couldn't help but wonder -- what do these specialty jobs actually involve? We wanted to hear from the tanning butlers and soap concierges of the world in their own words, so we decided to launch a Q&A series to get the inside scoop.

To kick off the series, we interviewed Catherine Ferguson Ph.D., the pet psychic patronized by the New York City Affinia hotels. For Affinia, a pet psychic service may be a shtick to prove its pet-friendliness, bBut our interview showed us that those who believe in Dr. Ferguson's abilities seem to get real insight and comfort from her pet communications. Below, find out what a pet psychic really does -- from talking to pets in spirit form to chatting with kimono dragons (who, by the by, don't have a whole lot to say.)

-- Kelsey Blodget,

Oyster Q&A: Secrets of a Hotel Pet Psychic (PHOTOS)