01/07/2012 07:36 am ET Updated Mar 08, 2012

Hotels (And Their Guests) That Need To Make New Year's Resolutions (PHOTOS)

New Year's resolutions: the pledges we make for the new year to atone for our sins of the year before. Maybe you told a few white lies, partied a little too hard or claimed that Justin Bieber was your baby daddy (actually, we think that may have just been her).

But that's all in the past starting in 2012, the year that's going to be the best ever! Not only have we started working on our own resolutions, but we've come up with a few for some hotels and their wild, raucous -- and sometimes home-wrecking -- guests.

Check out our resolutions list that'll set these hotels (and their notorious guests) on the straight and narrow.

Hotels Where Guests Can Break New Year's Resolutions