05/21/2013 01:43 pm ET Updated Jul 21, 2013

Hotels for Mixing Business With Pleasure: 6 Fab Spots for a Bizcation

Mixing business with pleasure? Trying to trade your business suit for a bathing suit? As much as we love getting away from the office, it's sometimes hard to think about all the work piling up back at our desks. (Emphasis on sometimes.) So for those instances when we need to check our emails or send out those TPS reports while getting some R&R, these gorgeous tropical retreats have us covered, and with more than just a phone jack. Whether they feature ample meeting spaces, dedicated business staff, or any number of other great work offerings, these properties are sure to please any productive vacationers, so you'll have just the right mix of business with pleasure. Enjoy your bizcation!

--Devon Antonetti,

Hotels for Mixing Business with Pleasure: 6 Fab Spots for a Bizcation