01/18/2013 07:26 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

5 Gorgeous Places To Get Back In Touch With Nature

Most of us forget our New Year's Resolutions as soon as we've written them down, but we're sure a lot of you out there at least aim to unplug a little this year by talking more face-to-face and less via social networks; planning at least a short getaway to the countryside; and hitting the road to get back in touch with nature: No TV, no Internet access, no cell phone service.

It's easy to fall into the office-gym-home routine and find that it's the end of the year again and you haven't quite done all you've set out to do (although if you keep up with the "gym" part, maybe you will have lost those 15 pounds!). Well, we're determined to help you stay on the "back to nature" bandwagon this year.

Check out our favorite unplugged havens and pick the best one for you. Then it's time to lose the cell -- at least for a weekend.

-- Carolina Pirola,

Paradise Unplugged: 5 Gorgeous Places to Get Back in Touch with Nature (PHOTOS)